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What does RTP mean? And do I have to pay tax on the profits of an online casino? The answer to those two questions, and dozens of other things to do, is in the Casino News and Guides section.

Amendments to the Lottery Act

Finland has prepared amendments to the Gambling Act, which aims to reduce the harmful effects of gambling, such as problem gambling and related social disadvantages. However, a closer look reveals that the amendments to the Lottery Act only aim to improve Veikkaus’ monopoly position, and in reality the new Lottery Act will bring more harm to players than ever before. Problem gamblers in particular will suffer the most from these changes.

Celebrities and gambling marketing

As only Veikkaus Oy has the exclusive right to organize and market gambling in Finland, internationally operating gambling companies have had to come up with creative ways to market their products in Finland. A lot of publicity has been utilized in this marketing. Casino Euro has used a lot of celebrities in its own marketing — Auction from Kaisari all the way to Jouni’s shop in Sampo. Casino Euro has a thick wallet, behind it is the listed company Betsson, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Alternatives to Online Casino, and Bonuses

Veikkaus is a gaming monopoly operating in Finland, offering betting, lottery and casino games both online and in gaming venues and Finland’s only real casino in Helsinki, which has been creatively named Casino Helsinki. Online casino games can be played at

NetEnt made a wild Conan Slot!

Now the wild barbarian, Conan, can also conquer online casinos! The main part of NetEnt’s new game is an adventurous wild head made of movies, cartoons and books. In a dark and toning game, you can access a lot of special features on both the browser and mobile devices.

74 000 Euros from Monopoly Live to Lahti, Finland

Finlandia Casino tells in his blog about a Finnish man who won 74,000 € in Monopoly Live last month. The player in question is a man in his fifties from the Lahti region. The win came in the game’s dice-throwing bonus game, where the monopoly man moves on a 3D game board made from a classic game, collecting winnings. Each street has its own winning odds, and the more throws, the higher the winning odds in the bonus game. Doubles get a free re-throw.

Super Novelty from NetEnt - REEL RUSH 2!

The Reel Rush slot gets a fast-paced sequel called Reel Rush 2 from NetEnt. The latest release shows all the best hit features of the predecessor, but has added extra spice to the new features.

Win a 10k EUR Safari Trip to Kenya!

By participating in the Guts tournament, you can win a stunning safari experience for two in hot and glowing Kenya. The experience includes flights and accommodation in both a five-star hotel and a luxury tent in a nature park. As a winner, you will enter a giraffe sanctuary, a magnificent safari ride through the Maasai region daily, and experience an unforgettable hot air balloon safari where you can see all the beauty from the air. The package includes lunches, dinners and transfers between destinations.

Play'n Go's new Honey Rush has honeyed jackpots!

Play’n GO game maker is once again raising the bar for all game makers by launching new top games. In the latest game release, Honey Rush, the slot is spinned on a honeycomb-shaped platform instead of the traditional game view. The game symbols drop on the cell from above and form winning combinations. The patterns of the game are both coins and various flowers.

Play'n Go new game Big Win 777 serves fascinating feelings and fantastic wins!

The latest release from Play’n GO is known as Big Win 777. In this slot, you get into the atmosphere of the legendary gambling cradle, Vegas, and get excited by the awesome wheel of fortune. The look of Big Win 777 is very glittery and luxurious, and the slot features all the classic and familiar game symbols from lucky to diamonds.

Mr Green shares thousands of Free Spins right now!

The Mr Green Online Casino is known for its very convincing promotions, which always offer plenty of winnings or a huge pot of other cash prizes. Best of all, Mr Green gets a taste of campaigns often and frequently, so it doesn’t get boring at the casino of a gentleman dressed in green.

Finlandia Casino's Happy Hour has Free Spins and Bonuses

If you want a little rejoicing in the afternoon, curl up at Finlandia Casino’s own Happy Hour classes from 11 am to 5 pm from Monday to Thursday! Finlandia Casino’s Happy Hour promotion offers free spins, valuable free spins and, of course, bonuses.

Free Spins, Bonuses, and 25k Euro draw from Casino Euro!

Casino Euro is currently running a completely insane and versatile campaign that will make playing at the Casino even more rewarding. These are Casino Euro Ten Days! At the Kympi Days, there is an icy € 25,000 megapot in the pot, daily bonus draws and free spins! Get involved and you can get your share of all these treats.

MrGreen has a staggering 10 000 EUR cash prize!

If you’re looking for a little or even more cheer for your fall, head towards your beak Mr Green! The casino is currently fighting an entertaining battle over who gets their share of the insane € 10,000 cash pyramid.

Player who participated in our campaign collected 45 000 € wins

In March, we will organize a special campaign in which € 10,000 in bonus money will be drawn for Finlandia Casino. The campaign didn’t take a week to hear about the massive prize pool: one player managed to collect a total of € 45,000 in winnings in a few days!

Stop wagering Free Spins

The old Finnish folklore hero Väinämöinen has apparently been asleep while the staff of the Kalevala Casino has been thinking about a bonus policy — so generous this offer. In most cases, when you get free spins somewhere, the money you win during the spins has to be wagered 30 times, for example. In practice, a good-looking offer often melts into your hands when a gaming machine takes what it originally gave during recycling.

VIP Bonus for every player

Have you ever wondered how a VIP player who plays highrollers, or stakes many times higher than a regular player, is treated at an online casino? The main benefit that is only available to VIP players is a special bonus called cashback that gets you back a portion of the money you play.

You didn’t know this about traditional casinos

We here at thought to ask your readers how much you know about how rock-foot casinos are run. We wanted to share a little insider information about what was going on behind the scenes so that customers playing at traditional casinos could continue to play for as long as possible. The examples we give are mostly related to casinos abroad, but many points also apply to the Helsinki Grand Casino.

Insider information about online casino campaigns

Online casinos aim to reward their old customers with various offers and promotions. When creating a player account for any casino, you may want to check the box asking if you want to receive promotions and promotions. If you leave this box blank when creating a new player account for an online casino, you will be immediately excluded from many offers, such as free spins and deposit bonuses.

Spina Colada

This summer hit from game maker Yggdrasil is at the end of June 2017, more specifically on June 22nd. released a slot game that can already be found in the selections of the best online casinos. We are happy to write reviews of Yggdrasil games, as in vain this company has not won the gold trophy of the best slot game manufacturer in the prestigious EGR gala. And this outfit has done it for the second time in a row for two years in a row!

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Unbeaten lightweight boxer Floyd Mayweather will face Conor McGregor in the boxing ring on Saturday, August 26th. You can watch this match for free on our website.

Roulette: rules and versions

Roulette is a game of chance in which each player tries to guess where the ball to be thrown will stop at the rotating roulette. The ball rotates counterclockwise in a circle when viewed in a circle.

What does RTP mean?

Payout Ratio, or Return To Player: What does RTP say about the game and why does it matter?

Guide to Omaha poker

Omaha poker is a variant of poker that became familiar to players in the 1980s. Next, we’ll tell you the Omaha rules, strategies, and best tips to make your game with a group of friends or online as profitable as possible.

Online casino odds and how to take advantage of them

Gambling is full of different odds. The odds are very important to the player, as it is the odds that can double, triple or even increase your winnings. These features or symbols that appear on the reels of your slot machine at a good moment are able to multiply your cash draw by a predefined odds.

Baccarat rules and card game history

Baccarat is a card game that has become familiar to Finnish players, especially from online casinos, and can be recommended to beginners as well. The reason for this can be found, among other things, in the easy-to-learn rules of the game, which can be accessed in just a few practice sessions. In this story, we will first dive into the history of this casino classic, after which we will also review the rules of this game.

Can you even believe this luck? EUR 87 million Eurojackpot win to Finland!

This good Friday, a rare lucky Finnish lottery time was lucky. This lottery, who will remain anonymous, would visit the CityMarket in Lielahti, Tampere, and at the same time leave a single lottery line. He played his lottery ticket as a quick game, with the machine raffling off these incredibly valuable winning numbers for him. Here, everyone is sure to start reconsidering their lottery numbers!

Don't make this mistake at an online casino. This can be costly for the player

We wanted to write an article here with a gambler which, if read, could still save you tens of thousands of euros or even millions. This is a very important issue that many players have left to lick their keys, leaving giant winnings forever behind the bars of an online casino. In this article, we’ll talk about how your player account and information will be examined when you make a withdrawal request, and how you can make sure you can withdraw all your winnings without any problems.

Blackjack strategies maximize your winnings using these methods

In this article, we will discuss different strategies for playing Blackjack. We’ll talk about how beginners can get started on improving their odds, as well as how professional players hone their gaming skills to reduce house advantage and increase their own chances of winning. By reading this article, Blackjack strategies will become so familiar to you that you can start taking advantage of them even right away.

You didn't know this about online casinos: why did the value of my casino bonus drop?

Have you been playing in casinos for so long that you are used to the offers of one and a certain of your favorite casinos? Or are you a dreaded ”bonus Hunter” customer who creates new gaming accounts and tries to take advantage of as many casino bonuses from as many casinos as they can? Bonus hunters usually don’t even have time to get used to the bonuses of certain casinos, the standard number of free spins, or the standard deposit bonus before switching to the next, perhaps just released casino customer.


If you’re looking for a nice casino game that’s a good pastime and offers your favorite payouts from that, Gemix is a very potential new favorite slot. The Play N ’Go game maker has wanted to make a casual and good-natured casino game that is suitable for a wide variety of gamblers and has been very successful at this.


Raised to a cult reputation, Starburst is a ten payline casino game released by NetEnt years ago. Starburst’s charm comes from the fast pace of the game and the generous winnings on offer. The color and sparkling special effects bring the game a surprise, so there’s no need to worry about getting bored in the depths of this slot.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is the latest addition to the already acclaimed range of jackpot games from the popular NetEnt game manufacturer. The novelty game is in great company, as the game manufacturer’s previous game releases include e.g. Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights. Divine Fortune is a high-quality jackpot game of its predecessors that doesn’t leave even an experienced player cold.


Microgaming’s latest casino game is an awesome mix of great themes and great gaming features. Starring in a colorful game is Huangdi, a former Chinese emperor who strongly influenced the country’s development and culture. The Oriental theme is suitable for a 25 payline casino game like a fist to the eye.

Great Wild Elk

Great Wild Elk is a new game from Nextgen Gaming that charms players with its enchanting mystical atmosphere and amazing special features. This slot is a real surprise, as there were no special expectations for the game, but it turned out to be an excellent casino game. The game can be found e.g. from the selection of Betsson online casino.

Super Heroes

Super Heroes is the latest skill show from the game maker Yggdrasil, which attracts even a slightly harder gambler. Like many other games, Super Heroes does not rely on already familiar heroes such as Batman or Superman, but a whole new set of acquaintances awaits in the game, which with its super features brings tremendous chances of winning rounds.

Gonzo’s Quest

The Gonzo’s Quest slot is one of the most played slots from year to year, and for good reason. The game is an entertaining, modern casino game where old beliefs about what a casino game should be have been thrown in the trash and yet successfully.

Hall of Gods

The super-popular Hall of Gods jackpot game is a real attraction for many casinos. Based on Norwegian Viking mythology, the game features three hefty jackpots, the largest of which, the Mega Jackpot, is worth millions. The second largest pot on offer is the Midi Jackpot, whose winnings vary widely, but typically this win is also really juicy. Right now, the Hall of Gods Midi Jackpot seems to be killing at € 251,000. The Mini Jackpot is the smallest pot in the slot, usually spinning around a few thousand euros.

Depositing to Online Casino

Before you can start winning online, you need to know how to deposit money at an online casino. This is actually so easy nowadays that there is no need to write about it. However, I thought of listing the most common deposit methods here, as well as their pros and cons. The most important rule of thumb with deposits is that money should usually always be cashed out using the same method you received in your gaming account. That is, when you deposit with an online banking payment, you can only withdraw it back to the bank account where you made the deposit.

Do I have to pay taxes for wins made in Online Casino?

The answer to the title question is: There is no need to pay taxes if the profit comes from an online casino in the European Economic Area. Most online casinos are registered in Malta, a small island in Europe. In other words, if you win from an online casino registered in Malta, the winnings are just as tax-free as the winnings from the lottery.

Who profits of gambling?

Various games of chance have been appealing for thousands of years. Already in ancient Rome, a wide variety of gambling games were played and the construction of the Great Wall of China was financed by lottery-style fundraising. Today, gambling is easily accessible to all adults online. The internet is full of various online casinos, poker rooms and betting offices. And this fact should not be surprised, because by organizing gambling, you earn well.

This is why Online Poker died

In Finland, the online poker boom was at its worst 4-8 years ago. Finnish television also became a program called Pokerstar and online poker was a tough word everywhere. Finnish online poker millionaires were admired and covered in many mainstream media magazines. By this time, it felt like almost everyone was playing poker online.

How cards are drawn in Texas No Limit Hold’em Poker

Pre-flop: In Hold’em poker, everyone is dealt two cards. With two of your own cards, and five community cards dealt to the table, you must make the best possible 5-card poker hand. When forming this hand, you can take advantage of the 0, 1, or 2 personal cards dealt to you. small blind, big blind). The big blind is normally twice the size of the small blind. After this, everyone is dealt two personal cards, ”dark cards” or ”pocket cards”.

Omaha Hold'em

Omaha’s basic rules and gameplay are the same as in Texas Hold’em. The only exception is that players are initially dealt four pocket cards, of which exactly two must be used. Omaha is usually played as a version of Pot Limit, ie the maximum bet size is determined by the pot currently in play.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em is a familiar form of play that has made poker the most popular sport and TV entertainment. The most popular form of Hold’em poker is no limit, where the maximum bet is limited to the chips in front of you. The biggest poker tournaments today, including the World Series of Poker’s annual $ 10,000 World Championship Main Event, are played as No Limit Texas Hold’em.

A lucky German took the 3+ Million Jackpot

Only a small investment of 50 cents turned the young woman into a millionaire. It can be hard to imagine what it feels like to win a jackpot like that, so let’s ask the winner themselves.

Why does online casino customer service ask weird questions?

While the title of our guide may sound quite provocative, sometimes there is a feeling that online casino customer service is asking players for absolutely incredibly strange things. What do we mean by that? Well, have you ever been asked to send a photo of your gas bill to customer service?

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