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Gonzo’s Quest

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The Gonzo’s Quest slot is one of the most played slots from year to year, and for good reason. The game is an entertaining, modern casino game where old beliefs about what a casino game should be have been thrown in the trash and yet successfully.

First of all, the game is visually very pleasing. The graphics are in a class of their own and even though the game is spinning at a commendable pace, it works smoothly and is easy to follow.

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The uniqueness of Gonzo’s Quest lies in the fact that there are no spinning reels in the game. When the slot is opened, symbols appear on the screen from above. There are five symbols lined up horizontally and in three levels, making a total of 15 symbols, just like most casino games.

Gonzo's Quest

When Gonzo’s patterns fall into place, it becomes clear if there is a winning combination among them. If not, all existing patterns will drop out and new ones will be replaced. If, on the other hand, a winning combination is found, the symbols included in the winning combination disappear and are replaced by brand new symbols. The new symbols therefore belong to the same round of play, so the player does not have to spin or re-bet to get more blocks in the game.

At the same time, the odds of winning increase. The first win has a multiplier of x1, the second win has x2, the third has x3 and the fourth has x5! With this constable, Gonzo’s winnings can grow unbridled at best in just one spin!

Gonzo's Questin Avalanche-kertoimet. Voittokerroin kasvaa jokaisen uuden lumivyöryn (Avalanche) myötä.

A special feature of the game is the Free Fall symbols. When these appear, the player gets ten free spins. By no means does the fun end there, as during the free spins the player can grab the winnings even fifteen times. During the Free Fall rounds, the odds increase in the same way as during a normal game, but at a much wilder pace.

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