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The Swedish Trustly is certainly a familiar name to anyone online gambling. The company has been providing free money transfer services to online casinos in all Nordic countries for more than a decade. At CES 2018, the company once again sparked interest by introducing a new payment service called Pay N Play.

With the service, Paynplay casinos can proactively verify the identity of users at the time of the first deposit. This way, players avoid the tedious and time-consuming verification of identity before paying out winnings. And best of all, online casinos that do not register do not need any gaming accounts, but the necessary ones are taken to the casino directly from the Trustly system.

The online casinos launched without a gaming account in 2018 were the first users of the system, but Trustly’s goal is even more ambitious — the company aims to bring all online casinos under the system, eliminating the casino registration and the entire KYC process!

Online casinos without registration

Online casinos without registration were one of the most successful innovations in the gaming industry in 2018. The Trustly Play without an Account concept strikes the same fringes and aims to provide the same uncomplicated approach to creating a gaming account for traditional online casinos as well. This has a huge potential to make gaming at online casinos even more comfortable and hassle-free.

Online casinos without a gaming account are certainly easy places to play, as you can literally start playing in seconds. The downside to speed and ease is that most of these casinos do not have any welcome bonuses or really any other bonuses.

Trustly Pay N Play strives to combine the casino bonuses of traditional casinos with the ease of these instant casinos. In principle, within the framework of the system, the creation of a gaming account can be waived altogether, but players can still be offered welcome bonuses in the traditional way. Not all Paynplay online casinos have yet made full use of the Trustly system, so many Trustly casinos still require at least some form of gaming account registration. The system is still so fresh that not all online casinos have yet managed to integrate it properly into their own systems. It is likely that in the future, more and more online casinos will give up creating a gaming account altogether.

Pay N Play casinos

Casinos that use the new payment system include last year’s most popular online casinos without registration — Ninja Casino and No Account Casino. In addition to these instant casinos, the Trustly system has been included alongside other payment methods at many traditional online casinos, such as Betsson, ComeOn, Thrills, and Kaboo Casino, which offer Pay N Play among other deposit methods. On top of that are new online casinos, almost half of which will start offering games directly without registering.

All features of the system will only be available if the online casino handles its cash transactions exclusively through Trustly. As a result, many online casinos that use this system still require registration of at least some form of gaming account. Only online casinos without registration can use all the features of the system – for example, continuing to play immediately after closing the browser without logging in.

Currently, the following online casinos are partnering with Pay N Play: Ninja Casino, Betsson, Dreamz, ComeOn, Spela, Omnia Casino, Bajungo, No Account Casino, Kaboo Casino, and Thrills. However, new online casinos will join the system, so it is expected that within a couple of years, all online casinos using Trustly’s payment services will join the Pay N Play payment system.

How do online casinos work without a gaming account?

Pankin valinta Trustlyllä
It’s that simple: choose a bank and enter your IDs. No registration!

From a player’s perspective, using Pay N Play is little different from using Trustly’s old system. Paynplay casinos offer the player a simple interface where the player can choose the deposit amount and their own online bank. Pay N Play supports all major Finnish online banks (Nordea, Savings Bank, OP-Pohjola, S-Bank, Pop Bank, Aktia, Bank of Åland, Handelsbanken).

Payment is made in the same way as with the standard Trustly interface, ie the player enters their bank ID in the window that opens. The practice may seem a bit special from a Finnish point of view, as bank IDs should not, in principle, be entered anywhere other than in your own online banking login window. However, Trustly is certainly a trusted payment intermediary that has processed tens of billions worth of payments. The company has also been approved as a Paypal partner, among other things, so it is certainly safe to use the service.

In recent years, several Finnish banks were in dispute with Trustly, as the company bypassed the banks’ own (fee-based) systems. For the same reason, banks oEuteller, which uses these interfaces, will have to charge a handling fee for each transfer, which is completely free of charge for Trustly. At one time, a few banks even blocked all payments to Trustly for a while. However, Trustly has been working with all Finnish online banks for several years, so similar problems are unlikely to occur again.

Why choose a casino without an account?

Paynplay online casinos make getting started really easy and fast. Access to games no longer requires unnecessary registration of game accounts with usernames, passwords, email confirmations or text messages. Just select the amount you want to play, start the game, and put the reels to spin!

Another advantage of the system is the repatriation of profits. Casinos without registration will be able to pay out winnings much faster than regular online casinos as they do not have to confirm the identity of the players. Making a deposit with online banking IDs meets the requirements of the law insofar as online casinos are able to pay winnings into the same bank account without having to verify their ID. Many Paynplay online casinos have either automated the payout process, with winnings arriving in your bank account almost immediately. For example, SuperNopea and TurboVegas pay out in minutes.

Pay N Play also allows you to return to the session after closing the browser. Concerns about losing money after disconnecting or closing your browser are one of the reasons why online casinos without an account raise suspicions among some players. Paynplay casinos use a system developed and tested by one of the largest payment intermediaries in the Nordic countries, so you can be sure that the money you deposit will still appear in the casino even after you close your browser. Other online casinos without an account will have to implement this functionality with their own cookies, so playing with them is more likely to have to wonder about the fate of lost money with the casino’s customer service.

Pay N Play — the future of payment transmission

We at Gambling have been following online casinos for years and are perhaps somewhat convinced that a similar system created by either Pay N Play or a Trustly competitor will become standard in all online casinos in the next few years. Currently, online casinos without registration are still in their infancy and the more well-known online casinos using the system have not yet switched to using it to the full, but are using it alongside other payment systems.

The idea behind Pay N Play is downright ingenious. Using one Trustly account, a player can start playing without registering at any casino in the system. Customer information can be verified directly through your Trustly account, so you will never have to send back your passport or electricity bill again when withdrawing winnings. And best of all, the system allows winnings to be credited to your bank account in minutes.

The whole KYC rumba is sad not only from the players ’point of view, but also from the point of view of online casinos. Examining the documents takes up expensive labor time and does not yield anything for the casino. So casinos are very happy to accept an electronic service to confirm the identities of players. Online casinos have also certainly noticed that offering simple money transfer methods will greatly increase players ’willingness to deposit. According to Trustly’s own research, using Pay N Play will increase the amount of deposits by up to 82 percent. So it can be assumed that Trustly’s new system will be eagerly received not only by gamers but also by online casinos.

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