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A nice 28 622€ Mobile casino Win on the Bus!

Commuting is not always fun and games. But this morning, just before the Christmas holidays, it kicked off with an ear to ear smile for forty-three-year old Toni from Vantaa just outside of Helsinki.

He takes the bus to Helsinki for work every morning. This morning was no exception. It takes around 30 minutes to get into the City center with a nice fresh walk to the office.

Like many other mornings Toni spends these 30 mins on playing slots on his mobile. He plays at his favorite Online Casinos like Casumo and Finlandia Casino. He shifts between the two casinos.

This morning he opened up the email with a fresh offer from Finlandia Casino from the day before. It was still valid. So whilst sitting on the bus he decided to take action and go for his re-deposit offer playing his favorite slot Boof of Dead.

Try out Toni´s favorite Book of Dead here!

He makes a 100€ deposit and off he goes. Round after round, win and loose, win and loose on repeat. Smaller wins at first but then comes a nice 4 950€ win! The dull tuesday morning started to turn into a day of sunshine. Toni decided to go for the max bet of 100€/spin. He was going spin after spin but no luck. He describe it like he was on auto pilot for a number of spins before he was thinking to himself like I need to reduce the bet amounts now.
He then decreases his bets to 50€/spin and off he goes. He spins and spins and some smaller win pops up. He looks at the time and in roughly ten minutes he will come to the end station. He decides to contunue going. That was the wise move for Toni this morning, just a minute after he strikes Gold! A nice 23 671€ win is secured for Toni. Not a bad start of the morning.

We got a chance to get a quick interview with this winner: 
- It was great that the offer was still valid was my first thought since I saw the eamil from last evening. When I started playing on max bet and started to loose quite a big chunk of my first win I was about to stop there and then. Especially after decreasing my bets I thought this was not my day. But then it just happened.
- He continues, I had my earplugs in whilst playing and when I won I just shouted out YES! Most of the people on the bus was just minding their own business and no one really noticed me bursting out in happiness. I was really happy walking into work so It was good day at the Office you could say, says Toni and laughs.

Go for it and give it a go with Book of Dead

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