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New Finnish casinos are constantly gaining more visibility. This is a great thing, because there can never be too many online casinos, especially for Finns. In our casino list below you will find all new Finnish casinos.

What makes an online casino Finnish?

What are Finnish online casinos? Technically, there are only two online casinos in Finland — Veikkaus and Paf. This is due to the fact that in Finland the state still has a monopoly on the provision of gambling, so it is not possible to establish a domestic online casino.

Virtually all Finnish casinos are licensed in Malta. The island state of Malta provides an excellent environment for setting up an online casino, as opening a casino in that country allows you to pay your profits tax-free. In addition, the state has paid special attention to the regulation of gambling, which has made the license of the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) a guarantee of the reliability of the online casino.

Despite their location, Finnish online casinos are, to the greatest extent, completely Finnish. In many cases, these casinos are run by Finns, or at least a lot of Finns work in these companies. Online casinos have been published either in Finnish only, or at least Finnish has been chosen as the default language of the site.

How then to identify Finnish casinos? The easiest way to identify Finnish online casinos is by their name, for example, Finlandia Casino, Suomiautomaatti, and Suomikasino are Finnish-style online casinos. For all casinos, the Finnish background of the casino may not be directly apparent from the name of the casino, for example, the name of the iGame casino does not refer directly to Finland, but the online casino in question is run purely by Finnish forces.

Finnish casinos can also be easily identified by browsing the casino’s website. Finnish casinos only contain fluently written Finnish, and there is no English or clumsily machine-translated Finnish in them. When dealing with customer service, players will also be able to explain their problems in their home language.

New Finnish online casinos

In the last couple of years, a lot of new Finnish casinos have appeared on the Internet. According to current information, all these new Finnish online casinos appear to be reliable and relevant gaming sites. However, please read our casino review before making your first deposit. We aim to add all new Finnish casinos to our website, as long as we have first verified their reliability. Nowadays, it is not worth succumbing to the thinking that the casino’s Finnishness is an absolute guarantee of its reliability.

Finnish online casinos free games

Almost every online casino offers players the opportunity to get acquainted with the games for free in the so-called. playing with play money. Anyone visiting that casino site can start a slot game without providing any ID or debit card information. By playing with play money, you can learn the rules and operations of the game in peace without having to spend your own money to play at all. Unfortunately (and somewhat surprisingly) Veikkaus’ online casino does not offer such an opportunity. Everyone who plays at Veikkaus’ online casino must first register at the online casino using online banking IDs. Unregistered visitors can’t even try out slot machines for play money!

Paf was on the same lines with Veikkaus for a long time, and this casino did not allow you to try games without having to register either. Recently, however, Paf also opened a demo mode for its online casino games to casual visitors to the site. Nowadays, every visitor to the site can also try Paf’s games by playing for play money.

All Finnish casinos registered in Malta allow players to try their games as much as possible with play money. You do not have to provide any information about yourself or even credit card information to try out the games. Finnish online casinos offer free games at Finlandia Casino, iGame Casino, SuomiVegas and dozens of other Finnish online casinos.

Gambling in Finland

Finland is a strange bird in Europe in many ways, including when it comes to gambling. Gambling is very tightly regulated in Finland, but Finns are by far the most active gamblers. On the other hand, despite strict regulations, Finland encounters slot games in almost every grocery store or cup, which is almost unique even on a global scale — in almost every other country in the world, slot machines may only be installed in purpose-built arcades or casinos.

The history of playing slots in Finland goes back almost a hundred years. The first workshop games were brought to Finland in the mid-1920s from Germany. Within ten years, the Finns started making the first domestic workshops. In the late 1930s, the Slot Machine Association (RAY) was established, which was given a statutory monopoly on all gambling activities. organization.

The first Finnish slot machines, in turn, allowed themselves to wait until the 1960s. The first gaming machines were completely mechanical, although by this time electronic slot machines were at a rapid pace beating themselves through the world. The first electronic gaming machine did not arrive in Finland until the 1980s. The actual video lottery equipment only landed in our country in the very last few years.

The casinos also arrived in Finland really late compared to other European countries. Finland’s first casino was opened in Helsinki in 1991. At that time, Finns were finally able to play, for example, roulette and blackjack on the backbone of their home country. The casino in Kamppi, Helsinki, first operated under the name Casino Ray. Since then, the casino has moved to its current location on the edge of Rautatietori and changed its name to Grand Casino Helsinki. Since then, the name of the casino has simply become Casino Helsinki.

Taxation of Finnish casinos

Most Finnish online casinos operate under the license of MGA, so the winnings from them are completely tax-free for Finnish players. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Veikkaus and Paf are the only online casinos registered directly in Finland. These companies are required to charge a lottery tax on all winnings from the game. This is not shown directly to the player as the company will take care of paying the taxes on behalf of the player. However, due to taxation, these casinos will never be able to offer players the same high return rates as completely tax-free online casinos.

There are also a few Finnish online casinos on the Internet that do not have an MGA license. Usually these casinos are licensed in Curacao. Recently, the number of these casinos has decreased, as more and more Finnish online casinos have succeeded in obtaining an MGA license. However, Bear Casino, for example, currently operates under a license from Curacao alone. Please note that winnings from online casinos registered in Curacao are taxable income and you must declare winnings on your tax return!

Finnish casino games

Finnish casinos have been so successful that some casinos have managed to negotiate the production of exclusive games with gaming companies. The first and probably the best-known Finnish slot game is the Kummeli slot game produced by Play`n GO, in which the characters of the most popular sketch series of the 90s got into an adventure on the reels of the slot machine. You can get acquainted with the game, for example, at

Vares-elokuviin perustuva hedelmäpeli on taatusti suomalainen.
The slot game based on Vares movies is guaranteed to be Finnish.

Another popular Finnish slot game is the Vares slot game based on Reijo Mäki’s books and movies made from them. In this game, you get to try chasing the main wins along with the most popular characters from the Vares movies. This game has also been published by Play`n GO and can only be played at online casino.

Veikkaus also once had a Finnish video slot, namely the Harjakainen slot game based on the character in the Putous series. Unfortunately, Veikkaus has since dropped this game from its catalog, and it can no longer be played at least at Veikkaus’ online casino. However, a lucky player may run into a physical slot machine where this game is still selectable.

Ventti is generally considered to be a Finnish card game, although there is no exact information about the origins of this variant of blackjack. According to some sources, the word ”Ventti” is derived from the French words vingt et nun, meaning ”twenty-one”. On the other hand, vent is also a word used by the ancient people to mean exhausted or at the end. After all, Ventti’s game is over when the player manages to get a score of 21. In any case, Ventti is the only traditional casino game that may have Finnish roots.

Unfortunately, Ventti cannot be played at any online casino, so playing this card game for real money will not be possible online. However, many sites that offer free games also have vent games in their selection, so with the help of play money, Vent can also be played online.

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