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A thirty-year-old woman won over 27 000 € in Cherry Pop slot

Jämsä is a city of twenty thousand inhabitants, located by the Lake Päijänne. There in the heart of Central Finland, a stroke of luck hit ending up in one player winning a few big wins in a row.

The blue-and-white Finlandia Casino talks about their female player from Jämsä, who deposited 200 € and started playing Cherry Pop slot.
At first the 30-year-old woman won 6 330 €, then she won 14 823 € and, as the icing on the cake, one more win of 6 098 €. Calculator says the total amount ended up exactly 27 251 €. A pretty decent amount with 200 € deposit!

A quick test and I can really say, GamblerForever.com appreciates the Cherry Pop slot machine. The thing is, there is a Buy Bonus feature. This leads you straight away to the Free Spins Feature that includes multiplied wins.

And there’s more to it. The Buy Bonus feature includes a gambling option. Five Free Spins can become up to 16 Free Spins. In Free Spins feature, the multiplier adds up with consecutive wins, it can get up even more than 20x.

Goes without saying, the aforementioned gambling feature means big volatility. But isn’t this the key in playing with real money: go big or go home. Sometimes you can get lucky big time, as the female player from Central Finland evidently showed us.

You can try Cherry Pop here: https://www.finlandiacasino.com/games/cherry-pop

Finlandia Casino is a high quality online casino. Designed by Finnish industry professionals, this is one of our top choices. Read more about Finlandia Casino here: https://gamblerforever.com/casino/finlandiacasino

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