The Best Betting Sites and Freshest Betting Tips 2022

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Betting can be a fun and lucrative hobby. See below for the latest betting tips:

The best Finnish betting sites and betting tips 2022

On this site we tell you what are the best betting tips in all the best sports and leagues in Finland and around the world. In our betting guide, we’ll tell you how you can use your strengths to your advantage by identifying the best betting tips among many. In addition, we’ll tip you about a rare awesome offer that will bring up to 400% more money to your bankroll with a relatively small deposit amount. We have listed on this page a comprehensive collection of Gambler’s favorite sites whose betting tips, betting bonuses and other offers are definitely worth taking advantage of. At the same time, we will break down the bonus terms of all betting offers to make your information easier to access. We have only selected tax-free and Finnish-language betting sites for our list so that you can find Finnish-language betting tips quickly and you can always withdraw all your winnings completely tax-free. Let’s first look at what we think are the best Finnish betting sites in 2022.

Finnish language websites vs. international sites

Are you a good old Veikkaus player and you only place your bets through this particular site? Did you know that there are many other Finnish betting sites in the world? You can also create a game account for yourself on these Finnish-language sites, for example:

For example, the Nordicbet site tips and sports news are excellent readers that are sure to benefit any bookmaker. In addition, Nordicbet shows La Liga on its own TV channel, for example. LeoVegas, on the other hand, has been repeatedly awarded as the best mobile site. Unibet is known as the biggest draw on the market, and you can also watch live leagues on TV through Unibet. Here is just a scratch of the best Finnish-language betting sites. Let’s see below what kind of betting bonuses and casino bonuses you can redeem by joining one of these sites or downloading the site’s mobile app.

Betting bonuses on different sites

Does it feel like you can never get anything back from Veikkaus if you place bets through the site that you can’t always win? Many other Finnish-language sites actually give you a new opportunity to place a free bet on yourself after a lost bet. In other words, you can take advantage of such an offer as if it were insurance. At the same time, you halve your risk when you can get two for the price of one bet. It would be quite absurd not to take advantage of such a betting site offer. Where, then, do you get these “risk-free” bets? In fact, all the betting sites we list on this site and test ourselves give a variety of welcome offers to bettors. And if you choose one of the betting sites recommended by Gambler and at the same time check out the best betting tips on the site, you get to withdraw your winnings completely tax free. How can this be possible? Is it legal in Finland to withdraw big profits to one’s own bank account without tax? Yes, as long as the betting site you are using is licensed in an EU country. You can play safely and tax-free on betting sites licensed in the following countries, for example:

  • Finland
  • Malta
  • Great Britain
  • Gibraltar (belongs to Great Britain)
  • Curacao (belongs to the Netherlands)

In addition to risk-free bets, Finnish bookmakers can also redeem other types of betting bonuses by taking advantage of the current, best betting tips. Often, betting sites also give a deposit bonus, especially to their new customers. This deposit bonus is typically anything between 100% and 200%. In addition, we will soon be reporting on a betting site where you can redeem up to a whopping 400% betting bonus. The 100% deposit bonus, or doubling bonus, works like this: if you deposit at least € 100, the betting site will throw another € 100 into your game account. Then you can play for a total of 200 euros.

Feel like a bettor

It is a good idea to calculate your own budget for betting right from the start. This way, you don’t confuse the cash for bills and other expenses with your bankroll. If you always keep your bankroll separate and, for example, direct X amounts of money to your bankroll after the payday and no more, then it makes a lot of sense to play. It’s also worth being realistic — the bet doesn’t always win, no matter how good the bets are. If your bankroll is separate from your household cashier, losses will eat up a man or woman much less and a lost bet will be easier to compartmentalize into a small backpack on your way to a bigger one. This is exactly the kind of world of thought that is important to the best-performing bettors — betting tips and the potential winnings from them are entertainment but no more.

Leverage your own strengths in betting

You always maximize your own chances of winning when you prefer the sports and leagues you know the most about. Have you played before yourself? Do you know some players better than others? And can you get first-hand information about, for example, injuries that could affect the course or outcome of the game?

Take advantage of the expertise of others around you

We all believe we are the best expert when it comes to betting. But others may have information that has not yet been carried to their own ears. Therefore, you may not want to acknowledge your friends’ speech until you have found out if this information might be useful to you. You’ve probably seen those days when a guy’s hints would have been worth the gold if you had just listened. When one goes to the thighs and the other wraps up the big jams, the guy might know something you should have gotten involved with yourself.

How to identify if you play too much

Gaming should be just entertainment for all players. Sometimes, however, you may start to poke properly if there is a longer loss-making pipe in the back. For this reason, you should only play through a separate cashier where you only transfer money when there is extra money. Your bankroll should not affect whether you can take care of other expenses and bills in your household. Worrying signs include borrowing money for betting, placing a bet over funds, and your own feeling that gambling is out of control. I recommend that if you notice these signs when you place a bet, you ask the customer service of your betting site that they set the agreed deposit limits for you. That’s when betting ends if the bottom of the coffin splits. If you tell customer service that you have a gambling addiction, the site should, at least in accordance with the Code of Ethics, close your account forever and you will no longer be able to open a new gaming account for that betting site or other gambling sites under the same company.

Betting Tips: How to Interpret Betting Glossary

Betting has some to do with its own vocabulary which, however, can be accessed fairly quickly. In addition to this, some betting sites try to differentiate themselves from other sites by inventing their own terms. While this does little to help a player in the early stages of betting, the vocabulary will certainly become familiar sooner or later. Here’s a guide to betting terminology:


This is perhaps the most important betting term and concept whose understanding makes it much easier to assess the risks and benefits. The odds are the odds set by the bookmaker based on the site’s own probability estimate. In addition to this, the bettor is considering, for example, the probability that a Finnish bettor would bet on the Swedish team’s World Cup championship.


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the multipliers and also take advantage of them when the opportunity arises. Overruns are those multipliers that are larger than the probability estimate.


As may be inferred, an understatement serves as the opposite of a recent overstatement. The sub-factor is a factor less than the corresponding probability estimate. We recommend that you avoid playing such odds.


The cash register should be kept completely separate from the cash register related to home and other living. So there is only money in the bankroll that you can spend betting on in good faith. Sometimes the bankroll takes a hit, sometimes it grows.


Arbitrage refers to the situation in sports betting where two betting providers place odds with a payback percentage in excess of 100. This means that the player could not lose but will certainly win. But there are also risks associated with arbitrage. Sometimes the bet is returned to the player.

Kelly’s formula

Kelly’s formula is a highly controversial betting theory that aims to grow your bankroll pretty quickly. There are so many different opinions in traffic about Kelly’s formula that we don’t quite recommend it, even if the hot draw tips seem like guaranteed winnings.


The idea of ​​keeping a book in Excel, for example, may distress us, the most impulsive player. But we still recommend tracking your bets in a spreadsheet program. Here, the Google Sheets table is a great option. All Gmail users will automatically have access to this program from the top right corner of their browser when signed in to a Google service, such as Gmail. It is a good idea to fill in at least the following fields in the table: date, game format, the object of your bet, the bet you have placed, the final result and your bet. You will soon discover.

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