The Largest Jackpots

Like a gambler, you will surely dream of winning the lottery sometimes. I like to play the lottery almost weekly, but I’ve noticed that there’s little to no win in the lottery. My biggest lottery win seems to come from Markka, even then from Viking Lotto and FIM 50!

That’s why millions of slots are also being chased online. The online jackpots will grow until someone wins that huge jackpot for themselves. The jackpot can be won by anyone and anytime. The next online millionaire may even be a Gambler himself!

Progressive jackpots are the attractions of online casinos and are popular with our players, no wonder. Online casinos usually play either traditional slots or progressive slots. These games tend to be quite similar in concept and appearance, but the jackpots differ from regular slots in the size of their winning pot, among other things. You can win thousands of euros from regular slots. But jackpot games hurt at millions of euros at best.

The biggest payouts on the net right now

The progressive jackpot is like a regular online slot game with a few differences. Thousands of euros are not played in these games, but more than ten million euros are chased in the best jackpots. Several games include various bonus games where the amount of winnings is decided. For example, the super-popular Mega Moolah, enlightened by Microgaming, features up to 4 different pots that grow every minute as casino enthusiasts experience their luck in the game. It really depends on the game how big of a pot you can possibly win by playing it. Below you will find more information about what progressive jackpot games are capable of. I have listed below the slot games with the biggest jackpots on the net. The list is updated in real time.

  1. Ozwin's Jackpots
    10 78871 €

  2. Totem Lightning Power Reels
    33 31731 €
    (Red Tiger)

  3. Mystery Reels
    33 31731 €
    (Red Tiger)

  4. 20 Super Hot
    18 54418 €

  5. Ultimate Hot
    18 54418 €

  6. Mega Jackpots Golden Goddess
    733 29338 €

  7. Mega Jackpots Isle O' Plenty
    733 29338 €

  8. 4 Squad
    33 31731 €
    (Red Tiger)

  9. Fortune Fest
    33 31731 €
    (Red Tiger)

  10. Piggy Pirates
    33 31731 €
    (Red Tiger)

The best online casinos for the main payout hunt

These casinos have included the largest jackpots mentioned above in their selection. Choose your favorite casino bonus from the following and start hunting for the biggest win!

Our recommended slots

There are a few jackpots that rise above the rest. The following slot games are very popular and I myself am happy to recommend the following three jackpot games.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a 25-line slot game that often has the biggest jackpot on the net (unless someone has recently won it). Mega Fortune has all the features of a good slot machine; free spins and bonus game. However, the Mega Fortune bonus game is a degree tougher, as you can win several million in the bonus game. The Mega Fortune bonus game is a typical Wheel of Fortune style bonus game. Mega Fortune can be played at least at the following online casinos: Betsson, Casino Euro, Betsafe and Unibet.

Hall Of Gods

Hall Of Gods

Hall Of Gods is a fun Viking-themed slot game with freespins and a bonus game where you can win up to millions. See if you can beat millions in the bonus game! Hall Of Gods slot machines are offered by all well-stocked online casinos, but because it is a progressive jackpot, bonus money or free spins cannot or should not be used for gaming.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a legendary slot game from Microgaming. This slot machine made one Finnish man a millionaire, it seems to be, I remember 2008. This slot game has a jungle theme, but a lot of other themes have also been released about Mega Moolah, such as; Mega Moolah Isis and Mega Moolah Summertime. Most importantly, everyone is sharing this huge payout of millions of euros!

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is Netent’s progressive jackpot, which doesn’t usually swing the list of the biggest jackpots simply because the jackpot is always under a million. But then know who cares about this. The biggest jackpot has been over € 600,000 and the jackpot is always over € 200,000. It already makes your life quite comfortable and remember that the smaller the jackpot, the higher the probability of winning. You can play Divine Fortune for free, but keep in mind that it can be annoying if you win a jackpot with play money.

About general Jackpot games and winnings

The word jackpot refers to the main prize of the gambling game. This term is likely to have become familiar from Saturday night’s lottery draws guarded by the ”official supervisor”. Jackpot games are now played significantly more at online casinos, although you can still buy that coupon from a kiosk. However, when playing online, the winning amounts may be quite different from playing the traditional Veikkaus lottery, which already has a TV draw. The largest, progressive jackpot winnings in history have not only reached ten million euros, but have sometimes exceeded the threshold of 17 million euros.

But wherever progressive slots reach so far, lottery games will wash away these pots as they come.

Although for many of us the ”lottery” seems a bit old-fashioned, your mind may change when you hear that in Finland, for example, a jackpot of EUR 87 million was won in the late spring of 2016, especially from the lottery. This Eurolotto crashed everything to the winner completely tax-free. That’s why we want to introduce you to a comprehensive collection of exciting, progressive jackpot games as well as the best lottery games at online casinos.

What else are we going to say about jackpot games and winnings

In addition to progressive jackpot slots and online lottery games, we also tell you everything you need to know about whether you can predict in advance when the jackpot will be triggered, whether you can play progressive jackpots or online lottery bonuses, how to pay taxes on jackpot winnings and how to pay big jackpot winnings. Some of the jackpots are so shockingly big winnings that there are some restrictions on their withdrawal. We will tell you everything necessary about these restrictions to give you a better idea of ​​the terms of your win. In this article, we’ll also tell the stories of the jackpot winners about how they spent their money, as well as the biggest jackpots in history. Let’s start with progressive jackpot games.

Lotto jackpot games

Most of us recognize the characters familiar from Saturday’s lottery draws. But Finnish online casinos offer our players many other lottery options that allow us to win significantly bigger sums of money than Veikkaus lottery.


Valokuva EuroMillions-lottokupongeista.

One of the most popular online lotteries in Europe is called EuroMillions, which you can play at the popular and reliable Cherry Casino, for example. EuroMillions was founded in 2004 to serve us lotteries in Europe. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot won so far has been € 185 million. In addition to Finland, the countries include the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Here’s how to take part in the EuroJackpot win hunt:

  • Choose five numbers for your coupon. These numbers must be between 1 and 50
  • Also choose two ”Lucky star” numbers from 1 to 11
  • The draw will take place every Tuesday and Friday at 10 pm Finnish time
  • If you participate in the base game, your numbers will participate in one draw
  • If you want to participate in consecutive games, you can order a new entry coupon
  • When choosing a lottery, you need to choose the date when you want your numbers to participate in the lottery
  • If you select a random line, the numbers will be drawn for you
  • Add your lottery ticket to your online casino cart
  • Confirm your purchase. Once your lottery ticket purchase has been approved, you will receive an order confirmation in your email

The EuroMillions lottery has different levels of winnings ranging from € 4 upwards. If no one wins the main win, the jackpot will continue to grow. Occasionally, the jackpot will also be split between multiple lottery times if the lines match correctly between multiple players during the same draw.


This lottery game is a favorite of many Finnish lottery players precisely due to the game’s huge jackpot wins. From 2013, it has been possible to participate in EuroJackpot draws from Finland. The Finnish winners have also wrapped considerable sums in this game. For example, what would EUR 61 million sound like? Pretty good for sure. EuroJackpot is drawn every week on Fridays. The minimum possible jackpot for this raffle is € 10 million.


PowerBall is also a very popular lottery draw from the United States. Finns can also take part in winning these fabulous big jackpots. And the wildest thing is that you can win more than a billion euros from this lottery. The size of the jackpot is always at least $ 40 million, or over € 30 million. You can participate in PowerBall raffles, for example, through Cherry Casino.

Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto has been available to us Finnish players for a long time, since 1993. As the name suggests, Viking Lotto is a joint lottery game between the Nordic countries and a couple of other countries. The largest VikingLoto jackpot that landed in Finland has been just under 8 million euros. Viking Loto’s biggest profit in history has been EUR 15 million.

Veikkaus Lotto

Although the pots for the lottery draws mentioned above are clearly bigger winnings than the winnings offered by Veikkaus, Veikkaus’ lottery is still played in Finland. The lottery is formed by us as an external institution for us Finns — it has been bringing excitement to the week since 1970. Veikkaus lottery can also be played online. Unfortunately, Veikkaus’ main winnings are pale in comparison to its competitors, as the main winnings in this game are usually less than EUR 10 million. In addition, the return percentage does not compare to the advantage over others.

The biggest jackpots in history

The world’s biggest jackpot wins are often also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. That is why a lot of information is available about them.

The world’s largest progressive jackpot

The “Betway”:casino/betway casino we recommended in 2015 made history when the world’s biggest progressive jackpot win was triggered by a lucky British player. A soldier from the city of Cheshire named Jon Heywood would wrap nearly € 18 million on a Mega Moolah slot made by Microgaming. He had only deposited £ 30 in his game account and played the jackpot with 25 pence bets. The spinning that led to the win came to the player only after 7 minutes of play. Betway Casino witnessed a major victory in history on the Guinness Book of Records by handing over a variety of proofs from eCOGRA, among others.

There have also been real jackpots in Finland. The progressive jackpot, which reached almost the same amount, was paid to a Finnish player in 2013.

The world’s biggest draw

The biggest jackpot in the world is the Spanish Christmas raffle called Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad. The main main profit of this lottery was EUR 720 million. In total, however, there was more than two and a half billion euros in money in the pot. The main prize is usually split between several winners. In the case of lotteries within the EU, winnings are also tax-free.

In 2016, the United States was buzzing with a huge PowerBall main win that rose to nearly $ 1.5 billion. What made this win interesting was that one of the winners did not register as a jackpot winner more than a month after the draw. In the end, the two couples shared the win with each other. In the United States, however, the taxpayer is much more interested in taxes than in Europe, although there are differences between states. The tax authority withholds at least 25% of profits in excess of $ 5 thousand. But if the player does not live in the United States, the amount withheld from the win is higher. Outside the country, players in the draw will have to give up up to 30% of their winnings in excess of $ 600.

In comparison, we European players are very lucky. For this reason, you should only play jackpot and other casino games at online casinos that operate under an EU license. You can withdraw your winnings tax-free at any time from licensed casinos in Malta, the UK, Gibraltar and Curacao, among others.

Europe’s biggest draw

The biggest draw in history within Europe has been won in the EuroMillions lottery. The jackpot was € 190 million and ended in Portugal. In general, EuroMillions has manufactured even more fabulously rich millionaires. In 2011, the main profit of EUR 185 million was rushed to the United Kingdom. Italy has also managed to get very close to these jackpots – Italy’s SuperEnaloto’s biggest pot, almost € 178 million, was raised in 2010. As you can see, Finland’s Veikkaus’ biggest jackpot, € 12.2 million, can’t compete with these online international lotteries.

What the jackpot winners have done with their winnings

Jon Heywood, who wrapped up the world’s biggest progressive jackpot win, got his win in a good time because it allowed him to help his father with hospital costs. In addition, he planned to buy himself a new car. According to the UK Telegraph, 82% of jackpot winners move into a new apartment or house after redeeming their winnings. Typically, the value of a house is about 800 thousand euros. About 13% of these jackpot winners who move to another house give their old house as a gift to a family member or friend.

More than half quit the job and only one-fifth continue in the same job after winning. A small slice of the jackpot winners reduce their workload and 15% of the winners have already retired before winning the jackpot. Winners will also be happy to buy new cars, no wonder. The average price of a car purchased after winning the jackpot is just under 50,000 euros. 16% acquire the blade Audi, 11% either Range Rover or Bemar, 10% Mersu and 5% Land Rover.

How the progressive jackpot accumulates

The progressive jackpot is accumulated from several online casinos at the same time. This is made possible by the game company that made the game through which the pot passes. However, there are differences from which amount the jackpot starts to accumulate again after the main win has already been triggered llek lucky player. Some games start at thousands or tens of thousands when the super-popular Mega Moolah jackpot, made by Microgaming, started to accumulate upwards of a million euros. So it doesn’t matter which game you choose, one jackpot game is not always comparable to another jackpot.

Can it predict when the jackpot will be triggered

Although slot machines and jackpots are based entirely on chance, Microgaming, for example, offers a service to operators, or online casinos, called a ”Thermometer”. So what is this game thermometer? Some online casinos indicate whether the game is ”hot” or ”cold” on a banner glued to the game. This information is fun knop information for us players, as we can first allow other players to accumulate more potion in the pot, after which we will only jump in when the jackpot has reached the ”hot” level. If that jackpot has just been triggered, some online casinos will announce this with a ”cold” stop. That’s when we know we’re betting our money elsewhere until the jackpot has climbed high enough.

This thermometer does little to improve our chances of winning, but it does provide information on whether the jackpot has already grown to full size or whether it is still ramping up*. If you see such a set of metrics in use at an online casino, don’t take it too literally, even though it’s a fun addition.

Can I play progressive jackpots with casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are usually divided into either deposit bonuses or free spins. Free spins are usually targeted at certain slots that are likely to be decided in advance by the online casino. Some casinos allow their new players to choose those games where their free spins are fairly free to use, but unfortunately jackpot games do not fall into this category. Perhaps the most typical slot game offered to new customers to use free spins is a slot made by the gaming company NetEnt called Starburst. After that, the most popular game for first-time and new customers is called Gonzo’s Quest. Neither of these slots is a progressive jackpot, although you can win almost € 20,000 from Gonzo’s Quest. Although the progressive jackpot cannot be played in free spins, you can use the deposit bonus you receive with your welcome promotion to win the jackpot. It is understandable that an online casino wants you to deposit money into your account if you are looking for a pot worth several million euros.

Pelaa Gonzo's Questia

Can I play lottery jackpots with casino bonuses?

Even if you can’t find an offer at an online casino that allows you to play the lottery with bonus money, some casinos still offer their customers risk-free lottery tickets, which we think are very generous offers. And what’s great about these first-time lottery offers is that the lottery winnings hurt to tens of millions of euros. So it’s time to forget about the lottery’s shabby reputation and get your own coupon from an online casino. Unfortunately, not all online casinos offer lotteries in their game selection yet. So how do you aim to win a lottery jackpot with a risk-free lottery ticket? For example, create a gaming account for yourself at Cherry Casino.

This casino is one of the oldest casinos in the Nordic countries that has been in the industry for many decades before online casinos saw the light of day for the first time. This reliable online casino offers its new lottery customers a risk-free coupon that works a bit like the risk-free bets on sports betting. Here’s how Cherry Casino’s offer works: when you buy your first lottery ticket and you don’t win, you get your money back. With this refund, you can purchase a new coupon and try your luck again.

What you should know about the pot fee

If you win the jackpot, especially from the lottery, you can usually choose from a few options. Either you can withdraw the full amount at once or in several installments, usually monthly. If you decide to withdraw the entire winning pot at once, you will not be able to redeem the full winnings. For many of us, this would not matter so much if the profit is calculated in several tens or even hundreds of millions of euros. If, on the other hand, you choose the monthly draw lots, you will get out the whole pot as it is but the pot fee will be spread over several years.

Also, some online casinos, especially smaller ones, will not be able to pay out more per week than a few thousand euros in cases where you have won money from a regular slot game.

I won over ten million euros. Is this really a tax-free profit?

Whether you can withdraw your winnings from an online casino depends entirely on the license under which that casino operates. We recommend that you only play at casinos licensed in the EU. This means that the net licensed in the following countries

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