Are online casinos a completely new thing for you?

The internet is full of different online casinos and choosing from them can be difficult. While in general most internet casinos are reliable and winnings are sure to be repatriated, unfortunately it is not always successful. So you shouldn’t be too blue-eyed, and you should only play at reliable and solvent online casinos. Of course, as a newcomer, you may not know which casinos are reliable and which are not. Below you will find a collection of articles to help you understand how online casinos work and how to get the best gaming experience for yourself — and of course the best casino bonuses.

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It is important to know when you start playing at an online casino

I have been playing at online casinos for over 12 years and in 2004, when I first played online, a beginner’s guide would have been a really necessary opus. While gaming has been made as easy as possible these days and deposits are made at almost all casinos with online banking fees and credit cards, there are still sure to be surprises that players can run into. For example, confirming a gaming account, taxing casino winnings, the legality of gambling, and wagering requirements should be in place before you gamble. These points will be opened further, but the most important title in this article is as follows – Before You Play.

Before you play

Always use your correct personal information when opening a gaming account at an online casino. You cannot open a gaming account with an online casino under the wrong name and successfully withdraw your winnings. Do not open more than one gaming account per online casino. You will no longer be able to open a new gaming account at the same online casino in hopes of a new sign-up bonus or free spins offer. Also keep in mind that gambling is only allowed for those over 18 years of age.

Confirm game account

Pretty much the online casino will ask you at some point to confirm your gaming account. Very often this verification happens when you first withdraw your winnings. Don’t be intimidated, this is a perfectly normal operation that an online casino is required to do because the licensing state requires the online casino to recognize its player. So at some point you will need to send a copy of your ID to the online casino and confirm your address with a copy of your electric, telephone or waste invoice.

Is gambling legal?

According to the law, we Finns are allowed to play on the website of an online casino operating abroad. In the same way that you can buy products from a foreign online store, for example, you can play gambling online legally.

Depositing and Withdrawal!

Deposits at online casinos are nowadays albeit easy through online banking. However, the real gambler also owns Moneybookers and Neteller accounts. If you have chosen a reliable online casino as your venue, there will be no problems with withdrawal. Withdrawals are usually only successful in the same way a deposit is made. For example, if you deposit via online banking, you can only withdraw money by bank transfer back to the account where you made the deposit.

However, during the first withdrawal, the online casino may and will certainly ask you at some point to provide proof of identity and address, such as a copy of your driver’s license / passport and an invoice such as electricity, waste, rent, etc. Netticasino only asks for these confirmation documents once, so that’s why it’s nice to choose at least one Vakkari slot where you play.

Taxation of profits — what about those taxes?

I often hear people ask if online casino needs to pay taxes on profits? There are two answers to this – yes and no. In most cases, taxes do not have to be paid. Taxes do not have to be paid on winnings when online casino winnings come from a casino that operates from another EU country, or more specifically from the European Economic Area. Most of the online casinos operate in Malta, a small European country in the Mediterranean. If, on the other hand, you play at an online casino that operates outside the European Economic Area, you will in principle have to declare your winnings to the taxpayer and pay taxes according to income taxes. More information can be found at In short: fortunately, there is no need to pay taxes on casino winnings, at least if you play the so-called EEA Casino, ie an online casino with a Gaming License in the European Economic Area, eg Malta, the United Kingdom or Gibraltar.

By law, taxes are payable only if you win from an online casino whose Gaming License is outside the European Economic Area. But no worries, if you play at the same casinos as Gambler, then you don’t have to worry about taxes. For the Gambler only plays at online casinos where the winnings are guaranteed to be tax free! Read more about need to pay taxes on winnings.


After registering at any online casino, you can play games for free with demo money and you should familiarize yourself with the online casino games before you start playing real money games. To find your favorite, just try it out, get started by reading the reviews on this site from various online casinos. Or you can pick up a game site below that looks interesting.


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