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If you’re looking for a nice casino game that’s a good pastime and offers your favorite payouts from that, Gemix is a very potential new favorite slot. The Play N ’Go game maker has wanted to make a casual and good-natured casino game that is suitable for a wide variety of gamblers and has been very successful at this.

Gemix: Kristallilataus, Maailmakuvio, Maailmajokerit.

Gemix is ​​a colorful and light-looking, slightly cartoon-like, very ”game-like” slot. The game could also work well as a regular mobile game where points are collected, but since it is still a casino game, there is cash on offer instead of points. Winnings in the game rain relatively often, although much of the winnings are smaller. Frequent hits are a good feature, for which they maintain a strong interest during play.

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The absolute best feature of Gemix is ​​that when the symbols become a winning combination during the game, the symbols belonging to it disappear and are replaced with new ones without starting the next round of play. Winnings made up of falling symbols receive a multiplier that increases with each new win.

Gemix includes a number of special features:

Nova Blast — one gem symbol explodes and destroys all adjacent symbols

Crystal Warp — one random symbol is selected and all matching ones change to other symbols

Light Beam — One symbol triggers a beam of light in both the vertical and transverse directions and changes all the symbols that hit the light beam to the same

Chain Lightning — the flash strikes two different corners and makes all the symbols on the flash path the same

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