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You didn't know this about online casinos: why did the value of my casino bonus drop?

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Have you been playing in casinos for so long that you are used to the offers of one and a certain of your favorite casinos? Or are you a dreaded ”bonus Hunter” customer who creates new gaming accounts and tries to take advantage of as many casino bonuses from as many casinos as they can? Bonus hunters usually don’t even have time to get used to the bonuses of certain casinos, the standard number of free spins, or the standard deposit bonus before switching to the next, perhaps just released casino customer.

Valokuva neljästä pelikortista, ässästä, ja kolmesta punavalkoisesta nopasta tietokoneen näppäimistön päällä.

This article is especially relevant to players who have played as a regular customer of either one or a few Casinos. Since we have been gambling at online casinos here for years, it is not surprising if we reveal that some of our editorial staff have also had time to work at online casinos during their gaming careers. We hope this article provides you with information for your reader that you have not found elsewhere before. Next, we’ll explain why casinos drop the value of players ’casino bonuses. So keep reading!

Player profiles divide customers into different castes

It is not in your own interest for casinos to send bad deals to good players and great deals to bad players. In casinos, players are divided into different castes each week. Which fork your player account falls into depends on how good a customer you have been to that casino. And what is this calculation method based on? Online casinos are interested in knowing how actively you have been playing recently. Netticasino’s systems contain an entry for all your deposits, withdrawals and how often you log in to your gaming account. All of these may be used as yardsticks before a decision is made as to to whom each bonus campaign will be sent.

Alea Iacta Est

Most casinos also want to know if your gaming account is a minus or a plus for their tip. It is not in the Casino’s interest to send you generous offers if they have lost too much money to you recently. Of course, casinos expect all of their players to win often, because that way, gaming will continue to be fun for you customers as well. But minus is always minus the number below the casino line.

Gaming at online casinos is also seasonal. Understandably, when you can leave a 5-week Out of Office announcement in your email and post the famous “Vacation on the Lompsis” update to Facebook, the July sun pulls us to beaches, summer parks, cabins and trips abroad. Especially in Finland, July is usually a completely dead month among non-ice cream companies. The value of casino bonuses is therefore seasonal.

When the value of your bonus is likely to be dropped

Have you just won a big pot of money and withdrawed it into your bank account? And especially, have you won more from the casino than deposited money there? In that case, you can expect the weekly 100% deposit bonus up to € 50 to drop in value. You’re in luck if you receive any of the campaigns that come with the newsletters in the coming weeks.

Maybe the newsletter only had mentions of new, just-released games but no deposit bonus? Right. Based on its calculations, the casino concluded that since you have just paid the customer cash, you will need to play for a while to be eligible for the offers again. The casino needs to get your gaming account raised from their perspective back to the plus before you should be given more free play money.

And did you possibly keep overtime pay off since Midsummer in the form of holidays, from which you went straight to a six-week summer vacation? Did this have a negative effect on the bonuses you received in late July? Did you completely forget about playing at the point where charming ladies or gorgeous males spinning on the street cut their clothes and the long nightless nights in the north enticed you to watch the evenings out for a long time?

Also, the long period during which you have not deposited money into the casino may negatively affect the newsletter deposit bonuses sent to you. Casino bonuses will definitely roll out again in the early fall, as long as you’ve made a couple of suitably sized deposits. Casinos can expect a quiet period in July, but if you take a long time off from gaming, those customers who continue to gamble during the summer holidays will get a higher priority when planning deposit bonuses.

Hopefully, here at GamblerForever.com, we’ve been able to share with you insider information about online casinos that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in reading more of our reports on how online casinos are actually run, come back to read Gambling often. In the meantime, if you’re not happy with your current casino bonuses, on this site we’ll share a lot of information about the best casino bonuses, redemption requirements and promotions. It’s not worth stumbling upon a bad casino unless you’re happy with your bonuses. Thanks for the company and we’ll be back soon!

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