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Blackjack live at the online casino

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Live Casino is a game format offered by online casinos that is more realistic than traditional online casino card games.

Live Blackjack and other online casino live games

Most online casinos operating in the Finnish market offer several games that can be played live. The popularity of live gaming is based in part on a realistic experience where the player can follow the deal of cards live via an HD connection. In addition, where domestic stone-foot casinos only offer a limited number of tournaments and various game variations, the online offer will never run out. In this article, we will focus on Live Blackjack.

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Can I play for real money at Live Casino?

If you are used to playing at online casinos, you have probably also tried to play for free with play money. One of the differences between regular online casino Blackjack and Live Blackjack is that you cannot play for real money in live tournaments. However, online casinos give live players generous bonuses that players have gotten used to, for example, when playing slot games. In a live situation, the game manager is displayed on the screen and players can follow the distribution of cards in real time. Especially those customers who doubt the fairness of online games have found live situations to be reliable. In Live Blackjack, the rules are usually the same as when playing online anyway. The high production costs associated with hosting Live Blackjack games. Therefore, playing with play money usually does not work. Games are filmed in studios where there are several rooms at a time. Excellent language skills are required of players, although Finnish players usually have to play in English if they want to communicate with the dealer. Players in larger markets, such as Germany, can also play in their own language. In addition, the studio is full of photographers and technicians.

Blackjack live game interface

It is possible for the player to customize the interface to suit themselves. For example, some players want to communicate with the game manager via chat, while others do not care so much about communication, and turn off the chat. Others see the chat as bringing much-needed sociality and a sense of belonging to the gaming experience, while other players find the progress of live games too slow when other players let their moves wait.

The progress of the game

Live Blackjack progresses one at a time, with one card dealt to each player. If players want to get as much playing time as possible, they may sit at more than one game table at a time. For experienced players, this brings much-needed momentum to live situations. The dealers also change the table frequently, even every 20 minutes. If there is any ambiguity in the game situation, the game studio manager, or ”pit boss”, will find out if the game can be continued fairly, or if all bets will be returned to the players and started again.

Black jack deals

Online casinos offer a huge variety of offers so you can try playing live. There are plenty of different options to try on this site, as when you create a gaming account you usually also get free play money when making deposits and other great deals.

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