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Online casinos aim to reward their old customers with various offers and promotions. When creating a player account for any casino, you may want to check the box asking if you want to receive promotions and promotions. If you leave this box blank when creating a new player account for an online casino, you will be immediately excluded from many offers, such as free spins and deposit bonuses.

Casino Bonus Promotions — How They Work

However, most casinos use e-mail newsletters as their primary marketing channel to old customers, as text messages and other announcements sent to the phone are often perceived as annoying.

Why did I get a different offer from an online casino than my friend?

It is very common for friends to get different value offers in the same week from the same online casino. Everything else in the newsletter may look identical, such as introductions to new, just-released games, and the look and feel of the newsletter. But where you are offered a 100% deposit bonus up to € 50, a friend was sent a 100% deposit bonus up to € 100. You may be thinking that online casino has been bothered and that they will of course have to correct their mistake if there is even a typo in your newsletter. But this is probably not the case. Next we will explain why.

Redeem Casino Bonus
Up To €1200

The casino bonus is determined by your game data

Online casinos are quite advanced in using data to support their decisions. So what does this supposedly mean in practice? Wouldn’t it be fairer that the offers are the same for everyone? The online casino sees it quite differently. The casino CRM team, the team responsible for newsletters, constantly analyzes how valuable each customer is to the casino. Some customers request extra bonuses from customer service too often, and thus “use” their bonus in advance. In addition, customer service may too often be frustrated with future extrabon requests and you will be categorized where good deals are no longer rushing.

On the other hand, the CRM team also needs to filter out from the list of recipients of good campaigns those customers who are clearly chasing only welcome bonuses and then switch casino after the first bonuses have been used, whether there is a win or not. The CRM team does this, either through an automated system or manually, by discussing your profile with the payment and scam department. This discussion is done anonymously using a player number. In general, it is not considered necessary in the corridors whether Repe Räikkönen has created a new player account for the next casino again after the end of the first bonus or not. This would also be a breach of data protection law.

And if your player profile gets this far in the CRM team checks, your player number will still have to pass the last hurdle, which is the sum of your bets relative to the amounts lost. As long as you haven’t become too expensive for an online casino recently (i.e. won a large amount of money), you should give extra prizes. As long as you have deposited real money into the online casino within the last three months and the amount is more than the minimum limit set by the casino, you will continue to receive email newsletters as usual. But if you win really big, the emails may be silent for a moment. But since the casino also doesn’t usually want to lose you as a player, the offers will start appearing in your email again soon. Especially when you start depositing money again and keep playing as usual.

How Online Casino Marketing Works

Online casinos usually want to be the first casino to publish a new game on their site and have time to tell you about it. Because many players play at multiple casinos at the same time, CRM departments have to advertise new games as quickly as possible. No casino wants to lose out to another online casino in this race because it would mean the most lost euros for them. And because games and newsletters are published with a very short time lag, you may get lost in typos or illegible prints.

And because working in online casinos is dynamic and people change places like socks, the casino may lose the only Finnish-speaking team without a replacement employee. The online casino marketing team usually also works in the evenings and on weekends for special promotions. Likewise, if it is not possible to automate some promotional campaigns so that no one has to press a button to send out newsletters, the CRM team must be available to the casino at all times in their spare time.

Can customer service help if my offer is worse than others?

The answer to this question is yes and no. The online casino doesn’t necessarily have to give you anything extra, even if you haven’t had a fax with the games recently. But since the job of customer service is to try to keep good players happy, getting in touch can sometimes get you a little nice. However, the best offers will be included in the email with the newsletters. So how do you ask customer service for extra casino bonuses? Most often, customers requesting an extra bonus will take it contact customer service via the chat window. Email inquiries are also made from time to time. The message you send does not have to be novel in any way. Especially since customer service is often very busy and runs 4 to 8 customer chats at the same time.

The shorter you manage to formulate a message that sounds very friendly, the better your chances of getting a support person on your side. The word from experienced agents also carries so much weight that if you manage to get this on your side, the CRM team or VIP Manager may make an exception for you and add a small bonus or free spins to your player account. But keep in mind that this is purely a service to you, and you shouldn’t try to take advantage of it. Customer service will only give you bonuses if you are not rude but you manage to write the message in a very friendly tone. The more rude you are to customer service, the easier it will be for them to politely refuse to give you an extra bonus.

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