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You didn’t know this about traditional casinos

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We here at GamblerForever.com thought to ask your readers how much you know about how rock-foot casinos are run. We wanted to share a little insider information about what was going on behind the scenes so that customers playing at traditional casinos could continue to play for as long as possible. The examples we give are mostly related to casinos abroad, but many points also apply to the Helsinki Grand Casino.

How players are kept playing

The more players there go, the better the traditional stone-footed casinos will be. This is perfectly understandable logic. But casinos don’t just strive to maximize the number of their customers each day – casino managers also strive to increase each player’s “value” to that casino. In practice, this means that players should try to keep happy and play slots, poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat for as long as possible. Traditional casinos have created an environment for players that practically never need to leave, even for tobacco.

In Las Vegas, for example, the gaming halls of large casino hotels are open 24 hours a day, every day. There, it’s common to see players in the middle of cigarette smoke from nine in the morning playing with the power of beer and energy drinks as they queue up for a breakfast buffet next door.

Abroad, casinos offer free drinks to players

For example, beer can be drunk for free at several foreign casinos as long as you can only play. At the big casinos in Las Vegas, waiters tour around the slots and tables to take orders, but only when players bet money. In England, on the other hand, coffee and tea are often free but you have to pay for beer. Gaming is encouraged by the casino by offering free coffee and energy drinks so the player doesn’t get tired too quickly. There are no tobacco areas, and customers splash around the gaming tables.

Traditional casinos systematically mix the rhythm of sleep

In traditional casinos, the facilities are intentionally designed so that no sunlight can enter inside from any direction. Because casinos abroad are often open 24 hours a day, players do not have to be evicted from the drinking areas after the comma and can continue to play for as long as the game tastes good. In this case, the player’s inherent circadian rhythm is not as easy as reminding of bedtime. What also increases the level of alertness of the players is the extra oxygen that is pumped into the arcades through the air conditioning. This whole casino machine is seamless so that players coming to Las Vegas or London can experience the best games of their lives and continue at the tables for as long as there is enough energy and cash. At the same time, cobblestone casinos are able to increase the average customer spend on each player.

How Las Vegas casinos work if a player is too much to win

In Las Vegas, the casino business is a huge business. Like other businesses, Vegas casinos strive to maximize their profits. The house will do anything to prevent the redemption of too much cash. Each table is monitored second by second using data and cameras. But if at any table a player is about to win too much, the casino will start its counter operation and try to make playing as difficult as possible for the player. First, the casino changes the game manager, because if the dealer has helped the player in any way, the continuation of this must be eliminated first. After this, the casino will start to increase the lights on the gaming table and possibly also the noise, making it harder for the player to continue playing. Perhaps as the lights brighten, the player realizes to look at the clock again and decides it’s time to go to sleep. Here are a few ways the house will try to minimize its loss and get the player to quit.

Does not sound good?

If these actions seem strange or even suspicious to you, but you are interested in gaming, you should play at online casinos, for example, which are tax-free thanks to their EU licenses. When playing at an online casino, each player can play from their own couch. In addition, when playing online, the payback percentages are usually much better than when playing at stone-foot casinos.

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