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What does RTP mean?

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Payout Ratio, or Return To Player: What does RTP say about the game and why does it matter?

RT... WHO?

When playing at online casinos, you’ve probably come to read a variety of game reviews, many of which are specific to slot games. Has either of the terms ”return percentage” or ”RTP” come into play, but you’re not entirely sure what that means or why the player should know more about it? The abbreviation RTP comes from the English words ”return to player”. Next, we’ll tell you what it means and how it’s calculated. The bounce rate matters, especially when you play more, so keep reading!

The return percentage tells you how much your customers are winning

First, the return percentage, or RTP, tells customers how much of the money invested in the game will be returned to customers within a certain period of time. The return percentage is always expressed as a percentage. The higher this percentage, the more you can theoretically win in the long run. Of course, this is just a very simplified version of RTP. Each slot game has its own separately calculated payback percentage. In addition to each game having its own payback percentage, casinos also calculate their own casino payout percentage. This figure is obtained by averaging the return percentage of all games offered by the online casino. But is that all? Then why is this even being talked about? Next, we’ll tell you more about the nature of the return percentage.

The recovery rate is only a theoretical statistical calculation

It is good for all players to remember that when it comes to the payback percentage, we are only talking about a theoretical calculation that has been achieved using statistical methods. The payback percentage shouldn’t be taken too literally, as pure luck plays a big role in your particular play. There will always be huge, extraordinary winnings in the games, such as huge, multi-million euro jackpot wins. Similarly, there will be longer losing tubes when playing. These random extremes mean you can’t expect to get exactly the payback percentage. And there would be no joy in playing if you knew that you would always get back 96 euros out of the 100 euros you deposited in the online casino (or 92 at Veikkaus).

Is the return percentage a benefit to the house?

The return percentage can also be viewed from the perspective of the interest of the house. Let’s compare the RTP of slot games to American roulette, for example. You can read in advance about the game that its house advantage is 5.26%. RTP could be considered to be 100% minus 5.26% or 94.74%. But this is only a theoretical figure and not a more accurate prediction of it.

If the slot rate is high, will you win more often?

The return percentage may be a somewhat misleading term. In practice, it doesn’t tell you how often or rarely you might win a slot game. For example, in a slot game with a 97% return percentage, a slot game may have winning patterns on average once every three spins. So far, this sounds good. But the plot of the game is that the more often you win from it, the smaller your winnings. In games where there are fewer winning rounds, you usually win bigger amounts.

Randomness or RNG

Once we have reported the return percentage, or RTP, it is time to bring more abbreviations to the equation. Next, we will look at RNG. So what does this monstrosity mean? The abbreviation RNG comes from the English words ”Random Number Generator”. In plain English, this means random game results. Because the games are built using RNG and because their authenticity is verified by third parties before the game company is allowed to release the game, you can be confident that the games produced by the most reputable gaming companies are always fair and completely random.

For example, online casino staff cannot influence the winnings or losses of a game round, although they can, for example, adjust the value of their free spins and other gaming-related matters.

Randomness also means in practice that you don’t have to change your gaming machine after a big win. As a superstitious player myself, I was at the Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas when I fed one-handed bandits with dollars and immediately changed my slot machine when I won money. It is a complete myth that the machine would make profits at regular intervals. I know it when I play it myself, but especially when playing at traditional stone-footed casinos, superstition still made me feel like changing the slot game as it gets better. The in-game random number Generator ensures that you can still win the jackpot on your next spin, even if you stay in the same slot. Your chances don’t change based on just winning money.

Summary of Slot Return Rates

After all, it is very difficult for Matti Meikäläinen to interpret the formula for calculating the return percentage, because most of us are not very familiar with the inner world of slot games. But you prefer We recommend that you play at those online casinos that publish their payout percentage on their RTP website. This should be public information by law. If the casino says the percentage openly, at least the casino will strive to be transparent and honestly provide all the information it needs to its customers. And also compare the return percentages of the same slots on Veikkaus and international online casinos. You will notice a rather big difference in Veikkaus’ loss. In addition to the fact that you cannot play around the clock at Veikkaus, you can also redeem substantial welcome packages, even over one thousand euros, at other online casinos that Veikkaus customers will not see.

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