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Poker tournaments for beginners and professionals

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Introducing Poker Tournaments — What Do the Different Poker Tournaments Mean?

Poker is one of the earliest classic casino games. Poker experienced a huge boom as PokerStars and other major poker houses began sponsoring poker tournaments on TV in America. The first TV poker millionaires were born, and for a while, poker was oozing glamor and excitement. As the U.S. tightened its gambling laws, playing poker experienced a looming collapse, but thanks to online casinos, this classic card game is experiencing a new renaissance. Poker can be played in dozens of different variations or, for example, live at an online casino. Here at Gamblers, we wanted to put together a comprehensive poker tournament guide for you to get acquainted with the terminology and various poker tournaments easily. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the tournament that works best for you from a list of dozens of tournaments. So keep reading!

Poker tournaments — that’s what it’s all about

A poker tournament is a pre-arranged and organized event that includes buy-ins, buy-in sizes and a time limit. Participants in a poker tournament strive to win the prize pool, and the game is not just about the joy of participating. The game is only solved when only one player has chips left. Prize money will be distributed according to a pre-agreed model. The same rule applies to stone foot casinos as well as online poker.

TXS Hold'em Professional Series
Play Hold’em at Bethard Online Casino and choose your level.

Freeroll EU Freeroll

Freerolls are general tournaments that do not require buy-ins. In other words, participation in the freeroll is free. However, participation may be restricted to customers who have played a certain amount at that poker room. In freeroll games, you can learn different styles and strategies of poker without investing too much money in the game.

Freezeout Poker Tournaments

Most poker tournaments are played with this formula. Put simply, a freezeout tournament means that when you lose all your chips, you drop out of the tournament. You will no longer be able to get a new buy-in or re-join the game.

Rebuy Poker Tournaments

As the name suggests, in rebuy tournaments, a player can buy their way back into the game, even if the chips are already completely lost. In a way, this type of Tournament means that the player will be able to repair their damage and seek the pot once again. But at the same time, it also means that if a player loses the game again, the player loses more money. Buy-ins can only be made at the beginning of the game, so the rebuy doors will close as the game progresses.

Oasis Poker Professional Series
Oasis Poker is a very popular variant in Finnish online casinos.

Turbo & Super Turbo

Turbo tournaments are tournaments where the size of the blinds grows significantly faster than traditional poker tournaments. Normally, the blinds increase every 15 minutes. The blinds in Turbo tournaments increase every five minutes. In Super Turbo tournaments, the growth rate is even faster.

Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

In guaranteed poker tournaments, the winning amount is guaranteed regardless of how many players are in the game. The Guaranteed Tournament is often a favorite tournament for experienced poker players. In practice, this means that if you participate in a € 100,000 GDT tournament, for example, this is the amount that will be distributed to the winners at the end of the game. But in tournaments that do not have a guaranteed pot, winnings accrue on buy-ins. If there are not many players in the game, such tournaments may be a dilute experience for the winner.


Satellites are downright an ingenious way to compete for a seat in a valuable poker event that is too expensive to buy in. If you win a satellite tournament, you will also win a seat in a bigger tournament but at a much lower price. The big online casinos run satellite tournaments from time to time to reward their best players.

Bounty hunter

The buy-in for bonus hunter tournaments is a slightly higher amount. The part will later become your reward. If you or another player drops out of the game, the reward will be paid to the player who made the last hit. So how does this work in practice? If each player has a € 25 bonus and you get dropped out of another player’s tournament, you get € 25 yourself. The good thing about bonus hunter tournaments is that you can win money without winning the tournament.

Deep Stack

Deep Stack tournaments are popular games that start with players getting more chips. In addition, the blinds stay the same for a longer time, so the length of the game increases. Deep Stack games are good tournaments especially for those players who want to keep playing for a long time.

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