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Finlandia Casino is forced to stop charity

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The Finnish authorities once again showed their nails and prevented Finlandia Casino’s well-started charity work.

Finlandia Casino officially abandons its idea of ​​charity completely and will only do charity anonymously and through its owners.

Below is a word-for-word bulletin from Finlandia Casino:

Finlandia Casino has to give up charity

One driving force behind Finlandia Casino has always been charity. Not only because charity has always been involved in Finnish gambling with regard to PAF and Veikkaus. But also because doing charity and giving help to those in need makes them feel good.

We have supported organizations that are doing really good and are selflessly doing the right thing. We carefully selected the organizations and destinations we support, and we only donated money to organizations that have low administrative and representation costs, so that the donation really benefits the destination that needs help. The most important thing, however, was that our players were able to do good whenever they played with us. We sincerely wanted to help and support those who really need help.

Finlandia Casino has been looking for a suitable charity for a long time. We chose an unnamed actor as our target, who will bring concrete help with his activities. Our charitable values ​​met, and we got an effective channel to help.

Finlandia Casino did not mention Finlandia in any way in its communications. We just wanted to tell our customers what organization we support, because we always strive for transparency in our operations, and we want to tell our customers where we are directing our funds. We mentioned the name of the charity in our own blog post, after which the supervisory authority contacted the organization we supported. We immediately removed all mentions of that organization from our own blog. We really don’t want to put the organization we support at any risk of losing its fundraising license.

As a company, Finlandia Casino cannot do charity because we cannot mention to our own customers which organizations we support. In the future, all charity will take place through the owners personally and anonymously.

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