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Can you even believe this luck? EUR 87 million Eurojackpot win to Finland!

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This good Friday, a rare lucky Finnish lottery time was lucky. This lottery, who will remain anonymous, would visit the CityMarket in Lielahti, Tampere, and at the same time leave a single lottery line. He played his lottery ticket as a quick game, with the machine raffling off these incredibly valuable winning numbers for him. Here, everyone is sure to start reconsidering their lottery numbers!

The winner was not immediately known

What made this search for a winner exciting was that at first there was no information about who that winner was. This was because he could only be an occasional lottery player and perhaps that’s why he didn’t use a Veikkaus card to buy a lottery line. In practice, not using that card when lottery means that now this fabulously lucky winner has to travel to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to redeem his winnings. And in order for the 87 million euros not to go completely sideways, he must also return that lottery ticket to Veikkaus to prove that he is a genuine and real winner. Lotteries could have been easier to get through the online casino!


There are several main Eurojackpot winners in Finland

In fact, there are many lottery players in Finland who have suddenly enriched with the help of the Eurojackpot – the main win has already hit Finland 11 times. In addition, several smaller but still life-changing profits have been made in Finland. In 2014, a Eurojackpot win of more than EUR 61 million was made in Espoo. For many of us, even a small slice of such a thing would be enough!

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