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Don't make this mistake at an online casino. This can be costly for the player

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We wanted to write an article here with a gambler which, if read, could still save you tens of thousands of euros or even millions. This is a very important issue that many players have left to lick their keys, leaving giant winnings forever behind the bars of an online casino. In this article, we’ll talk about how your player account and information will be examined when you make a withdrawal request, and how you can make sure you can withdraw all your winnings without any problems.

How the law binds online casinos

Anyone cannot run an online casino legally but must apply for a license from Malta or Curacao, for example. Casinos applying for a license in Malta in particular have to comply with strict regulations aimed at, among other things, eradicating money laundering. But how does this then relate to those of us ordinary players who have seen money laundering mainly in gangster movies? This relates to every player because there is already enough doubt in casinos about a player’s cheating game to completely prevent a payout payment. If you want to know how casinos actually examine their players’ information when withdrawals, keep reading. Reading this article can save you a considerable amount of money.

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Follow the terms of the online casino

In this digital age, we are perhaps too accustomed to downloading applications and providing our information to various services, which means that we are reading less and less terms and conditions. Many of us want to protect our real identities and contacts, either for security reasons or for fear of spam. But online casinos should not be compared to most of the services available online but to banks that process and pay their customers money. In the case of money transfers, online casinos have to carefully verify the identities of their customers so as not to jeopardize their operating license. Therefore, you should make sure that when you register at an online casino, all the information on the form is 100% correct. We therefore recommend that you check your information at your favorite casinos immediately, as if you win a large sum of money and your information does not match, your account may be flagged as suspicious.

In addition, if you win a tournament or casino tournament and your phone number is incorrect in the register, you may not be contacted regarding your winnings. All casinos when not reporting a tournament win through your player account. In the worst case, emails also go to spam, so you’ve never heard that you won the luxury vacation of your dreams, even in the formulas or the World Cup. Neighbor Pena, who came in second, does thank and flaunts her passion with satisfaction.

A small print can take your jackpot

So what are the most important rules for online casinos in a nutshell? Perhaps the most important rule is to create only one gaming account per online casino. For example, if you chase a welcome bonus through multiple email addresses, you may not have been as smart as you thought. Why so? Because when paying out remittances, the IP address is decisive, not the email address. If you play from more than one account from the same IP address, you have violated the casino’s single game account rule and your winnings may not be paid to you at all. This also means that you should stay up to date on which casinos your spouse or partner has registered with. Since only one game account per household is allowed, it will not help if the name of one player is Markku and the other is Markutar.

This information from the player will be checked when applying for a withdrawal

The Payments & Fraud unit of online casinos is responsible for combating scams and this means that every player seeking a withdrawal must be checked manually. Employees who specialize in fraud often ask players for the following documents:

  • Picture of a passport
  • A picture of you holding a passport next to your face
  • Pictures on the front and back of all debit and credit cards you use
  • Picture of an electricity or water bill or an official document from Kela or a taxpayer
  • Picture of your e-wallet account, such as a screenshot of a Skrill or Neteller account
In what cases does an online casino not have to pay winnings?

Online casinos primarily seek to protect their own operations from fraudsters such as money launderers and users of stolen credit cards. If a player is unable to submit pictures of each card they use, or if the card names do not match your name, the case will need to be investigated further. If you use another person’s card with permission, the cardholder will also have to go through the process of proving their identity. People who specialize in fraud also go through the images in case the image is edited, and if they think that the shadow of the finger does not look real in the image, for example, the document will not be accepted and payment will be suspended.

The moral of the story

Unless you actually use your gaming account for criminal activity, you will likely be able to withdraw your withdrawal quickly, as long as you ensure that your finances are played at that online casino through only one player account. As long as you have also verified that your contact information and address information are correct in the online casino system, you will be contacted regarding tournament winnings if necessary. There is no point in playing with your own money if the win cannot be reported in person.

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