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Baccarat rules and card game history

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Baccarat is a card game that has become familiar to Finnish players, especially from online casinos, and can be recommended to beginners as well. The reason for this can be found, among other things, in the easy-to-learn rules of the game, which can be accessed in just a few practice sessions. In this story, we will first dive into the history of this casino classic, after which we will also review the rules of this game.

After reading this guide compiled by Gamblers, you are ready to try for yourself what Baccarat is starting to taste like. In addition, we recommend the best online casinos for Baccarat. We have chosen these casinos due to their tax-free profits, Finnish-language customer service and mobile compatibility, among other things. Welcome to the Gambling Baccarat Guide!

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Like Baccarat, this aristocratic board game set out to conquer the world

Baccarat originally originated in Italy, where its inventor began to call the card game he created called “Baccara,” which means zero in Italian. This name is probably due to the fact that in this game, multiple cards have a value of zero instead of their correct value. Baccarat ended up being the club game favored by the nobility, and as the royal chambers of Europe and other dignified aristocrats socialized with each other, the game naturally spread next to the French nobility. The French gave the game Baccarat a nickname Chemin de Fer, which is possibly familiar to you from Finnish online casino sites and Live Casino. Europe was yet to be conquered, and eventually Baccarat sailed across the water to England, telling the story of how author Ian Fleming became acquainted and fell in love with the game. A well-known friend of Baccarat, Mr. James Bond, was soon born.

The game continues to conquer the Atlantic — Baccarat rules change

Next, this exciting and entertaining card game landed behind Cuba’s big waves in Cuba, where it was given a new nickname again. This time the game came to be called Punto Banco. A few different rules were introduced in Punto Banco – the players no longer played against each other. Today, Punto Banco is perhaps the most popular and widespread variant of Baccarat in the world. Baccarat is often referred to directly as Punto Banco, perhaps for this reason.

Baccarat experienced the next milestone in its history as Castro planned to close its casinos in Havana. A friend of casino games brought Punto Banco to the United States, more specifically to Sands Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Next, Baccarat underwent further changes as it sought to attract new players by branding it as a game for the few and chosen, kept separate in casinos behind thick velvet curtains. This mystery as well as the high minimum stakes did their job and the game started to be talked about more and more among casino enthusiasts.

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Baccarat rules – is this card game as easy to play as claimed?

It is quite true that Baccarat is an easy to learn card game. Of course, you can practice with demo versions of online casinos first, until you glove the game patterns better. Next, we’ll review Punto Banco’s rules so you’re ready to take on the challenge. The aim of this game is to guess correctly which of the two hands will win or whether there will be a tie in the game. So what does this mean in practice?

The purpose of Baccarat

You must choose either the pot or the player’s hand as the winning hand and on your turn you will indicate which hand you intend to bet on. It is also possible for players to bet on a draw. The outcome of the draw is much less likely than either of the other options. That’s why we don’t recommend that you immediately bet your entire bankroll on a draw — play first with either the pot or the player’s hand until you see how few draws are right. This way, the gaming will be much more fun, there will be fewer losses and the bottom of your bankroll will not start to split right away.

Here are the options you can bet on in Baccarat:

  • * Banco: * bank card hand
  • * Punto: * the player’s card hand
  • * Tie: * Draw. The player and the bank receive a card hand of exactly the same value

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The rules of Baccarat dictate that in the game, the hand that wins a total of 9. If neither side gets nine, the hand that is closer to nine wins. Once you’ve announced which hand to bet on, all you have to do is keep your thumbs up and hope your guess is right. Next, you will be dealt two or three cards. However, the value of the cards may be different from what you are used to.

How to calculate the values ​​of different cards in Baccarat games
  • Ace: zero
  • Picture cards i.e. dude, queen and king: worth 10 or zero. There are various ways to calculate this, which we’ll tell you more about soon
  • Number cards: these cards, ie 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, have the value of what the card says

In Baccarat, the object is to bet on k the closed hand is closer to nine. But since big cards are also counted in the game, the value of these cards must be changed when the card values ​​are added together. In Baccarat, whole decimals are always counted. Since the value of the picture cards is 10, tens are deducted from the total value of the hand. In a way, the value of the picture cards is thus zero when the subtraction is performed. In case our description doesn’t sound very clear, a practical example might help. So let’s see how the value of a Baccarat hand would be calculated in the following cases:

If your hand is 4 and 10, these are 14.
Since a full ten is deducted from the number, the hand is 4.

Hopefully this practical example of ours helped us to figure out how to calculate the Baccarat hand. When you just subtract the decimals of the hand, you get the total amount of the card hand. Baccarat is a simple game in that strategies and tactics are mostly played over time, but they hardly affect the outcome. Baccarat is based on completely pure luck, so it may be pointless to talk about the strategies in this game. If you want to try Baccarat at a tax-free casino suitable for Finns, we especially recommend the tax-free online casino below.

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