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Stolen Finnish credit card information used for playing on online casinos

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Central Criminal Police suspects that Finnish customers of the international Hotels.com hotel booking site have been scammed for credit card information. Yle tells about it.

According to Yle, more than a hundred Finns who made a reservation through Hotels.com have fallen victim to a payment scam within a year. Customer data has been used to fraudulent payment instruments around the world.

Uhkapeluri.com — the associate site for GamblerForever.com — got in touch with one of the many Finnish victims of credit card fraud, whose money had been transferred to an online casino. The account of Karin (name changed) who contacted us had lost € 2,200 and the entire amount had been transferred to an online casino. Kari was shocked when she noticed that her entire credit account had been emptied. From that standpoint, he contacted the bank and the online casino, which promised to investigate the matter on his own as well. The matter is currently under investigation.

It is practically impossible to use Online Casino to cheat

We got in touch with Finns to get to know Finlandia Casino. We interviewed Risto Grönlund, a representative of Finlandia Casino, who told us how this is not possible at Finlandia Casino, which has secure and reliable systems.

  • Without going into any more technical details, I can say that at Finlandia Casino, players must always be repatriated using the same method as the deposit. For example, if a player deposits with a credit card, he must withdraw the winnings back to the same credit card, Grönlund says.
  • The same rule applies to bank deposits. Because of these, we and many other online casinos require players to confirm their gaming account before withdrawing. I can also say that Kari, who you told me about, can be safe, because the bank or credit company will guarantee the money back and the online casino will lick its keys, Grönlund says.
  • In this sector, 1-2% of credit card payments are generally canceled. It is difficult for me to see how a criminal who has stolen another person’s credit card information could use Finlandia Casino or any other online casino to their advantage. Because we, like many other online casinos, have an anti-fraud team with its own proven methods for monitoring suspicious transfers or suspicious transfer companies, Grönlund explains.

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