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This is why Online Poker died

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In Finland, the online poker boom was at its worst 4-8 years ago. Finnish television also became a program called Pokerstar and online poker was a tough word everywhere. Finnish online poker millionaires were admired and covered in many mainstream media magazines. By this time, it felt like almost everyone was playing poker online.

During the boom, RAY also opened its own poker room at the end of 2010, when the online poker jump had already started to decline. It didn’t matter because RAY didn’t intend to make an account with online poker but with casino games, but RAY’s poker room at the time was a much more media-sexy release than RAY’s online casino.

The first big setback came in 2007 when online poker faced its own Black Friday — the United States made it illegal to transfer money to online gambling sites. Despite this, FullTiltPoker and PokerStars continued to offer their services to American customers. As a result, the Pokerstars and FullTiltPoker poker sites were completely shut down by the FBI in 2011. Both sites offer their services to their European players quite normally today, but this event had an impact.

Personally, however, I think online poker ”died” purely because poker is undeniably a skill. Many poker networks came to a point where the games were getting tougher because the bad players had left. However, who can handle a steady loss tube and the new yellow beats didn’t pace enough for the poker rooms. If you want to succeed in poker, you have to study the game just like any other profession, but no matter how you study it, not everyone will be at the top of their field — for one reason or another. Reaching the top requires special gifts, determination, endless drive, passion, and as sad as it is, not all poker players have these qualities.

However, games of chance that are based entirely on luck will always stay on the surface in some way, because in 100% games of chance everyone has the same chance of winning, no matter how much gaming experience is in the background. Gambling seems to be the second oldest industry after ”its most famous oldest profession”.

The author of the article is an unknown unknown who only throws up his own thoughts after watching the gambling industry up close for 11 years.

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