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Finlandia Casino: April Tournament Winner Gets Audi A1

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In April, Finlandia Casino will host a Grab a Car tournament, the winner of which will receive a brand new car. It’s not a Ferrari at all, but the Audi A1 fire blade is at least worthy of a shopping bag for a wife.

Nappaa auto Finlandia Casinolta. Säännöt ja ehdot pätevät.

In April, the winner of the tournament will be the new Audi A1, participate in the tournament at Finlandia Casino

You can redeem your lottery ticket for this tournament for € 1 and redeem as many tickets as you want. Each one-euro ticket gives you 20 spins in the campaign game. The winnings from those rounds are then not cash, but points that determine your ranking in the tournament leaderboard.

The Grab a Car tournament runs from April Fool’s Day until May Day. The winner will be announced immediately after 1.5.2020. The terms and conditions apply and can be read on Finlandia Casino’s promotion page.

The terms and conditions of the campaign tournament mention a cash prize as an alternative to the car. Which would you take, a new rough Audi A1 or € 10,000 in cash?

Finlandia Casino is a high-quality Finnish online casino. This online casino, designed entirely on the terms of Finnish players, is definitely one of our own favorites. Read more about Finlandia Casino here.

Win an Audi A1

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