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74 000 Euros from Monopoly Live to Lahti, Finland

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Finlandia Casino tells in his blog about a Finnish man who won 74,000 € in Monopoly Live last month. The player in question is a man in his fifties from the Lahti region. The win came in the game’s dice-throwing bonus game, where the monopoly man moves on a 3D game board made from a classic game, collecting winnings. Each street has its own winning odds, and the more throws, the higher the winning odds in the bonus game. Doubles get a free re-throw.

Monopoly Live @Finlandia Casino

The story does not tell what stake the Bayman had in traffic. However, this was hardly a one-digit effort.

Monopoly Live is a live game released in April 2019 by Evolution Gaming. The game was created based on the popular Dream Catcher game, which combines live broadcasts with the familiar board game.

A couple of months ago, Monopoly Live rewarded its players with the biggest pot ever. The bike first stopped at ”Chance” twice, and both brought a 10x payout, or a total payout of 100x. The wheel then stopped at 4 Rolls, meaning all the odds for the bonus game were multiplied by a hundred.

After the dice roll of the bonus game, the final payout of the round was 9,600x, ie the 4 Rolls bet played with a € 5 bet brought back a whopping € 48,000.

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