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Why does online casino customer service ask weird questions?

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While the title of our guide may sound quite provocative, sometimes there is a feeling that online casino customer service is asking players for absolutely incredibly strange things. What do we mean by that? Well, have you ever been asked to send a photo of your gas bill to customer service?

1. What a miracle gas bill — does anyone in Finland use a gas stove anymore?

2. Here’s a big sum of money to be withdrawn – what if I don’t have a piece of paper like that, how about my withdrawal then?

3. Should post a new picture of myself holding a passport next to my face. Why? Well, because in my previous picture, the whole hand didn’t fit in the picture, my head when it’s annoyingly big.

Gambler Forever Answers

Why am I being asked stupid?

It is quite true that you may be asked to take a photo of an official invoice as a player. This procedure is related to the fact that the online casino you are using is probably in Malta. The invoice also shows the player’s name and home address. And the fact that you can find the right invoice probably means that you also live at that address. Online casino licenses regulate how accurately each casino must be able to identify its customers and verify their identities. For example, casinos licensed in Malta will have to use all possible means to combat money laundering and other crime. When withdrawing more than € 2,300, you will have to pass the casino’s fault. You may be asked for photographs of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • A copy of a bill related to your household, such as a gas, electricity or water bill. Mobile phone bills are not accepted
  • Proof that you are the one whose identity you are using: a picture of your face next to which you are holding a passport (online casino compares your face to the picture in the documentary)
  • Proof of your bank account showing your name and bank account number
  • Proof of your e-wallet, such as Skrill or Neteller
  • Pictures of all the credit cards you use on the front and back. You can hide the card’s certificate number, but nothing else on either side of the card

Once you have won a large sum of money, this procedure may seem really cumbersome. The best casinos have made downloading documents convenient and you can do it through your gaming account. Good casinos will also send you information via email or text message when your document is approved or rejected.

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