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Alternatives to Veikkaus.fi Online Casino, and Bonuses

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Veikkaus is a gaming monopoly operating in Finland, offering betting, lottery and casino games both online and in gaming venues and Finland’s only real casino in Helsinki, which has been creatively named Casino Helsinki. Online casino games can be played at Veikkaus.fi.

International competitors offer a significantly better range of games as well as better return percentages than our domestic monopoly counterpart.

Veikkaus used to open an online casino in 2012 and Playtech won the game manufacturers’ competition at that time. According to rumors, Playtech was also the only gaming house that agreed to lower the payback percentages of the games. Recently, Veikkaus has also added products from other gaming manufacturers to its online casino, but, for example, the maximum stakes and others are lower than international competitors. And Veikkaus does not offer any other benefits such as bonuses or anything else to its customers.

Veikkaus vs international online casinos

Veikkaus loses 100-0 when compared to international online casinos, which respond to stiff competition with promotions, a selection of games and excellent customer service. The monopoly does not have to face competition, so it does not, of course, have to invest in the quality of services at all, the return is guaranteed. As an organization, Veikkaus does not have to do anything other than indirectly bribe decision-makers, and pretends to do charity and the activity can continue. For example, in our western neighbor Sweden, there is a gambling market open for fully international competition, and in Sweden, online casinos other than just Svenska Spel can be advertised.

Alternatives to Veikkaus Online Casino

The Internet is full of better options for Veikkaus’ online casino and betting. We at GamblerForever.com have saved you time and listed a few good options to replace Veikkaus’ corruption games. If you continue to read the article after the listing, you can read more about Veikkaus and the operations of the Veikkaus organization and the so-called virtue.

Finlandia Casino can be both: a Finnish, and an online casino!

Finlandia Casino is an online casino aimed entirely at Finns. Although the international player Skil On Net is behind this online casino, Finlandia Casino is still designed to work 100% perfectly for Finnish players down to the last drawing. Money transfers are successful through all Finnish online banks and also with other common money transfer methods such as credit and payment cards. New players can redeem the bonus, which is currently 100% up to € 200 and will receive an additional 200 free spins. These are benefits that Veikkaus Nettikasino does not consider necessary to offer to its customers. You can find out more about Finlandia Casino at: www.FinlandiaCasino.com.

Kazoom Online Casino Instant Deposit and Instant Payouts!

Kazoom.com is a member of the Casumo family. A quick casino where ”opening a game account” is easy and effortless with the help of online banking IDs. All customers need to do is log in or deposit directly with online banking credentials and Kazoom will create a game account immediately. Best of all, you can withdraw the winnings to the same bank account from which you made the deposit, without any delay.

Redeem your € 100 deposit bonus and 100 free spins at: Kazoom.com.

Options for Veikkaus betting

Like online casino games, Veikkaus is not the only place where we Finns can bet. You can bet on many international websites that offer their services in Finnish and money transfers are at least as easy as at Veikkaus, or even easier and faster. In addition, the odds are better and more different items are available. So it is melting madness to bet on Veikkaus.

Betsson — A great Nordic betting giant

Betsson is an international betting company that has by no means forgotten about us Finns, but offers us a really great and excellent gaming environment and competitive odds, as well as a variety of casino games and other gambling games. Betsson offers a significantly wider range of different betting destinations compared to our monopoly-operated Veikkaus organization. In addition, the odds are also significantly better at Betsson. In addition, new customers can redeem various bonuses and offers for betting. You can learn more about Betsson at: www.Betsson.com.

Veikkaus is not as beautiful and good as it is suggested

In the media, attempts are often made to sell Veikkaus as a reliable and benevolent venue. In his own press releases, Veikkaus sometimes goes to great lengths to lie and mislead Finnish citizens. One example is the mandatory identification of Veikkaus’ gaming machines located in shops and service stations. Veikkaus did not introduce this mandatory identification in any way, so that players can would set limits on themselves and better control their play. Actually, behind this identification was a new anti-money laundering law that came into force in Europe, making unrecognized gambling no longer possible. Companies like Veikkaus are therefore forced to ”know” each of their customers and know where the money comes from and from whom and to whom the money goes in the form of potential profits.

I hope that after reading this article you have realized that Veikkaus is by no means the only place where you can play gambling such as betting or casino games. This hobby can be accomplished just as easily, if not more easily, on numerous other sites. Hundreds of different sites offer services in Finnish and money transfers are easy with online banking IDs, and if you choose one of the online casinos listed on this site as your venue, you also don’t have to worry about the venue’s security or possible tax consequences. For this we only present and recommend secure and well-known online casinos that offer their services with a European gaming license.

This is how Veikkaus distributes money to its managers

According to an article in Talouselämä magazine, Veikkaus’ CEO Olli Saarikoski received an annual salary of € 420,000 and received more than € 30,000 in bonuses.

At this point, it is probably worth mentioning that Olli Saarikoski is not the only Veikkaus director enjoying a good salary. In fact, the salaries of Veikkaus’ executives are just the tip of the iceberg. The salaries and fees of the directors / managers or members of the boards of many ”charitable organizations” to which Veikkaus makes ”donations” are in the same range or even higher than the huge annual salary of half a million euros enjoyed by Olli Saarikoski. MPs decide the laws that allow Veikkaus to maintain its monopoly position. Many of these decision-makers will move to the boards of various charities after their parliamentary duties to enjoy plentiful annual salaries, which are made possible by the ”grants” granted by Veikkaus. This is not corruption but a way of doing things, and this is how Finland has worked for years. It is therefore pointless to wonder why Veikkaus is trying to do everything it can to eliminate competition, and why MPs often support Veikkaus’ monopoly position. For the end awaits a plush reward.

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