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Celebrities and gambling marketing

As only Veikkaus Oy has the exclusive right to organize and market gambling in Finland, internationally operating gambling companies have had to come up with creative ways to market their products in Finland. A lot of publicity has been utilized in this marketing. Casino Euro has used a lot of celebrities in its own marketing — Auction from Kaisari all the way to Jouni’s shop in Sampo. Casino Euro has a thick wallet, behind it is the listed company Betsson, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

The Consumer Ombudsman has also been active in condemning influential marketing that exploits public figures, as can be read in this Sponsorship between JVG and Unibet.

Some individual public figures have also gone along with affiliate marketing. Like Markus Selin and Jasper Pääkkönen and Aleksi Valavuori with many of his own tunes, such as Veikkaajat.com. Valavuori’s movements are so nimble that you can’t keep up with them. The public has undeniably acquired well through gambling marketing. As in the case of Valavuori, where Aleksi Valavuori did not pay the taxes at all and circulated the money through his gaming accounts, claiming this income as gambling profits, when in reality it was a purely business profit. Valavuori has been convicted of this activity and admitted that he has acted improperly and will probably handle his accounting and tax matters properly this time. The only question is how Valavuori intends to circumvent the existing and new, forthcoming restrictions on the promotion of foreign gambling in Finland.

In the future, the police may also impose more penalty payments on private individuals. Recently, the National Board of Police imposed a fine of € 800,000 on Eurosport for illegal advertising of foreign online casinos. The government is currently considering a new bill that promises more restrictions and sanctions for individuals, companies and entities that market foreign gambling operators in Finland.

“At its most lenient, the Police Board will advise and instruct anyone who has acted in violation of the Lottery Act, but the Police Board may also prohibit the execution of gambling in violation of the Lottery Act and marketing and to impose a penalty payment as an effect of the ban. The ban can be targeted at gambling executor and the trader or the Community.”

Source: Eduskunta.fi

In addition, the government is planning money transfer blocks in Finland, which would enter into force at the beginning of 2023. At first sight, it seems that the so-called Norwegian model, which feels a little strange in the current European free trade environment. Our editorial staff will write their own article on this topic later.

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