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VIP Player at online casino - is that beneficial?

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When you play, you sometimes wonder how much you have to gamble at online casinos to become a VIP, regular customer or other loyal customer.

And what are the benefits of that? Is it worth concentrating gaming on a single online casino to get the lever faster? Or is it worth not aiming to become a loyal customer club anyway?

VIP programs for online casinos

This Gambling Story is based on an exclusive interview with the former International Online Casino VIP Manager. Because the subject matter is confidential, we will not mention the name of the online casino interviewed or in question in this case.

What does ”being VIP” mean at an online casino?

An online casino VIP customer can have many names. In addition to Vip, more recently, casinos have also talked about regular customers, nuclear gang members or loyal customers, for example. But do these different titles mean the same casino regardless? We asked the VIP Manager we know for an answer to this question.

There can be many titles for picks. But buy-ins don’t go one-on-one, as each casino has its own criteria for determining which of the players are the best customers, and which are potentially tough players in the future if only properly encouraged. Where any player can join Veikkaus’ club, international online casinos select their members according to much stricter criteria. Veikkaus has to balance within the framework of Finnish law, but casinos registered in Malta or Curacao, for example, can enjoy much more room for maneuver. Where Veikkaus cannot ’bribe’ its customers to play more, casinos operating under international and EU licenses do not have to think about the content of their loyalty program to the same extent. That’s why international casinos reward their best players very princely.

But as I mentioned earlier, the content and rewards of loyalty programs vary widely. Sometimes casinos, on the other hand, do not have a VIP program at all. Customers who play a lot at casinos try to get as much information as possible about the various casino cashing programs before they start playing, as they know they will be among the core players quickly.

Cherry Casino
Cherry Casino VIP players have been rewarded with lottery tickets, bigger bonuses and free spins, among other things, as well as other surprises.

Who can qualify for the online casino?

In order to enter the core gang of online casino players, you need to be a better player for that online casino. Small casinos can be easier to get into than VIP giants like Betsson. But on the other hand, small casinos also often have smaller customer reward budgets. There will be fewer loyalty offers, they may be smaller, or they may be subject to higher redemption obligations or other stricter bonus terms.

In order to get to the first step of the vibe, you need to be an active gambler. This means that at several casinos you have been playing for the last three months. The casino will also check how much you have won or lost. Because losing is annoying, casinos may elevate a well-paid customer to the first or higher level of a regular customer after realizing that there have been more losses than winnings recently. It’s a casino’s advantage to keep a steady customer as their own casino, and casinos strive to do this by offering bigger casino bonuses, more free spins, and access to more exclusive tournaments.

Most casinos want to keep the secret of how much a player should play before they can reach the first VIP level. However, I can tell you that deposits usually have to be in the thousands of euros, even in small casinos.

How to become an online casino Vip?

Generally, a few criteria must be met before a client can be taken to the next level. Many casinos use software so advanced that these analytics tools pre-process the data for the VIP Manager. But especially at small online casinos, the analysis of VIP gaming traffic is done fairly manually using Excel. Regardless of the analytics method used at the casino, a few criteria must be met before a player can be promoted to the first level of the chip.

First, play must be active. Generally, players who have deposited money in the last three months are considered active players. This is checked from the online casino system using the desired filters. Once the VIP Manager has picked up customers who have deposited money in the last three months, he will use another filter to find out how much the player in question has deposited. The policy of each online casino varies depending on how much deposits must be made and whether deposits made during the entire career or only deposits made within the last three months are taken into account. Next, VIP Manager transfers the player data to Excel, for example, where the players who have won so much money in the last time that the online casino has taken them into the jacket are eliminated.

It doesn’t make sense for business to give free money to players who have already made too many losses to an online casino. As you can see, the role of the VIP Manager is surprisingly Excel-focused. This is of course annoying for players who need to stay in touch.

What are the benefits of being an online casino VIP?

Online casino loyalty programs, or VIP clubs, benefit customers with great casino bonuses, more free spins, or other rewards as a member of the club. Other prizes can mean, for example, exotic trips to the south, tickets to events or, for example, a trip to the World Hockey Championships. Most player players especially value invitations to restricted tournaments. Tournaments will only be announced to members of the loyalty club, with a significantly smaller number of players sharing the prize pool. It can happen that one and the same player is in the top ten more than once, which means that more cash can be taken home than in general tournaments.

Many people, on the other hand, enjoy it if the online casino organizes some community activities. Examples of such events are, for example, trips to sporting events or the heat of the South. Poker players in particular are known for their close-knit community, which brings a lot of new people to life.

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