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Omaha Hold'em

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Omaha’s basic rules and gameplay are the same as in Texas Hold’em. The only exception is that players are initially dealt four pocket cards, of which exactly two must be used. Omaha is usually played as a version of Pot Limit, ie the maximum bet size is determined by the pot currently in play.

Omaha has skyrocketed now that Texas Hold’em is starting to be in the vocabulary of every teenager. Many poker pros, like Mr. Ilari Sahamies, like Omaha a lot because of Action. In this game, you can see a lot of wild all-in situations where you have to get excited to the end to whom the chips in the pot will be transferred.

In Omaha, you often get into pretty good all-in situations, unlike in Texas Hold’em, where you can easily be a big underdog. Omaha in particular is a ”betting game” where often a good straight, flush or full hand bet is ahead of a good real hand. It can also be very expensive to try to get the second best straight or flush, because very often you find yourself in a situation where your opponent has a better game after getting a finished hand.

The most common variations of Omaha Hold’em are the Pot Limit and Hi / Lo versions. Omaha Hi / Lo has two games as the name implies: the best poker hand and the smallest poker hand with less than 9 numbers. You play with your four pocket cards from both the Hi and Low pots. In the showdown, the pot is split in half for the Hi and Low winners. The best Low hand is the smallest five-card hand without a pair, A-2-3-4-5. If the Low hand does not materialize, the entire pot goes to the best Hi hand.

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