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You have found your way to our site, so I dare say you are looking for information on online casinos. In that case, you have indeed arrived at the right place! is Finland’s largest casino portal, where you can find a lot of information about online casinos, casino games and, of course, the best casino bonuses.


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Wheel of Rizk is perhaps the most imaginative way to “bribe” players.

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Kazoom!! Casino

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Kazoom!! One hundred free spins and deposit bonus 100 Euros deposit bonus up to 100%.

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The 600 euro bonus package includes e.g. 200% bonus on 1st deposit.

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Casino bonuses

The two casino bonuses may look similar at first glance, but the first impression is disappointing. Two casinos that otherwise seem almost identical will never (almost) ever offer the same bonus. In addition to the size of the casino bonus, including the wagering requirement, the possibility of not using the bonus (forfeitable) Here are just a few of the factors that affect the quality of the casino bonus — and we haven’t mentioned the most important thing yet, the level of the online casino itself! It’s a good idea not to take a good bonus if the online casino that offers it is full. But no worries! We have already listed the best casino bonuses.

With these in mind, we go through the casinos and pick out the best pieces for our readers to learn more about.

Free spins

It is starting to look worrying that online casinos are not pushing free spins to the very old model. Almost all bonuses do include free spins, but to an increasing extent they are behind the deposit. Finding free deposit-free spins is starting to work! But worry away: we’ll do this work for you and introduce you to gems that have undergone rigorous pre-censorship, making it easy to take a couple of the three most interesting into your own gaming account.

The free spins are not the same — especially this year, the SuperSpins worth the euro have become popular. One SuperSpin is worth ten regulars. Also, the free spins are pretty much more attractive than usual, not to mention the Guaranteed spins, which give you an unlimited number of free spins at the touch of a button.

How to choose the right online casino

Online casinos have grown exponentially in recent years, and there seems to be no end to this growth in popularity. From a player perspective, of course, the situation is excellent, with almost all online casinos distributing bonus money to new players. So it is possible for you to choose a different online casino, even for each different game, and at the same time increase the bonuses for new players.

The growth of the industry also has its downsides, as some online casinos are at least questionable. It is quite common in the industry for an online casino to make its offer as attractive as possible and it is the player’s responsibility to read a small print of the bonus terms. Some online casinos take the misleading of players even further and even outright scammers have settled in the industry. For example, an online casino may require you to meet such strict conditions before paying out winnings with bonus money that winning from that casino is virtually impossible. A few online casinos have even failed to pay out winnings for no reason.

Because of these problems, it is important to find out the background of the casino before making even the first deposit. has carefully reviewed all online casinos before adding them to the site, so you can be confident that all online casinos you find on these sites will operate honestly and the winnings you earn will also be paid as long as you follow the casino bonus terms. If you have a problem with any of the online casinos you find on this site, please feel free to contact us. We strive to help to the best of our ability.

What to play at an online casino

Today, online casinos offer a really nice amount of gameplay. By far the most popular games played at online casinos are video slots or slots. After Veikkaus and RAY’s game reform, video slots can already be found in almost every grocery store or cup, so this type of slot game is certainly familiar to most Finns. Video slots are digital slot machines that do not have mechanically rotating reels, but the result of the game round is drawn by the game machine’s random number generator. As a result, video slots have been able to create features that would be very difficult or even completely impossible to implement in mechanically operated slot games. Video slots usually have at least 20 paylines, the chance to win free spins, various bonus games, and in some cases jackpots of up to millions of euros.

Players do not have to settle for mere slot games, as every online casino today also offers the most common traditional casino games. At least roulette and blackjack can be found in all online casinos today. In addition to the games mentioned above, an online casino that focuses specifically on traditional casino games may also offer the opportunity to play baccarat, casino poker, or even craps.

Of course, staring at the pixels on your computer screen does not compare to playing table games at a real casino. Most of the gambling atmosphere comes from chipping chips at the right physical table. Online casinos have sought to increase the attractiveness of games by establishing a so-called live casinos. In a live casino, a video is transmitted to a player from a real casino, where the real croupier manages the game table and places bets on the player’s desired targets. Betting is handled from a similar interface, which is also used in digital versions of games. If desired, the player can also chat with the game manager via the chat app. This arrangement does not reach the very atmosphere of a traditional casino, but playing at a good live casino is a completely different gaming experience than just playing digital roulette or blackjack. We think every fan of traditional table games should at least try playing at a live casino.

Online casinos and taxation

You may have heard that most online casinos pay game winnings tax free. For many casinos, this is true, but players should still take care when choosing the right gaming site. Not all online casinos are tax-free.

The taxation of winnings from online casinos depends on the country in which the online casino is licensed. Under current law, profits from casinos located in EEA countries cannot be taxed at a higher rate than nationals of that country would pay when playing at a casino. The policy is common throughout the EU. As a result, all European online casinos are licensed in the Maltese island nation, which does not charge any tax on gambling winnings. All winnings from online casinos licensed in Malta are therefore completely tax-free.

However, not all online casinos are located in Malta and do not have a gambling license in that country. There are plenty of online casinos in Finnish that do not have an EU gambling license. Typically, these online casinos are licensed in Curacao. If you receive winnings from an online casino outside the EEA, those winnings will be taxed as earned income. You are responsible for reporting your earnings, as the online casino will not do it for you. Therefore, we recommend to our readers only MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) gambling in licensed casinos, as this guarantees the payment of winnings tax-free. focuses especially on reviewing casinos with an MGA gaming license, but from time to time we may also add online casinos operating outside the EU to our website. In this case, however, we clearly state that the online casino in question does not have an MGA license and the profits from it are taxable income. New players in particular should focus on playing only in Maltese online casinos.

Online casinos and problem gambling

Unfortunately, online casinos have also contributed to the spread of gambling problems. Playing casino games at their best is great entertainment, but for a long time some players will also cause social problems (in Finnish). Gambling problems have been present for as long as gambling has been played in any form at all, but online gambling is particularly vulnerable to problem gambling.

Many players think of the numbers spinning in the slot column of a slot game as some kind of virtual money that is not real money. When playing fast-paced slots, a player can easily forget how much he or she has actually played. Fortunately, all online casinos offer a variety of tools to limit your gaming. For example, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits. If this is not enough to keep you in control, you can also request that your game account be suspended, either permanently or permanently.

There are also many organizations in Finland whose mission is to help people with gambling problems. The most well-known party helping problem players is the Peluuri (in Finnish) maintained by the Helsinki Gaming Clinic. If you or someone close to you has a gambling problem, you can contact Gaming either by phone or through the anonymous chat service on the website.

When playing all gambling games, keep in mind that in the final games, the online casino will always win. This is most often also the case when playing with free spins or bonus money. Online casinos have reduced their bonus money wagering requirements so that the mathematical expectation value of the games is a bit on the casino side despite the bonuses. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but even with them, it is not possible to win significant sums of free money.

When playing at an online casino, it is paramount to remember that it is likely that the online casino will always win in the long run. Gambling should never be thought of as a skill game that makes it possible to make money. All gambling is based on chance, and even the most skilled player will not be able to win the casino in the long run.

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