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In the diverse world of gambling, slot machines are probably one of the most traditional casino games. Anything else in Vegas casinos comes to mind for people other than the arcade behind the arcade full of one-handed bandits and other slot machine variations. A loud squeak and people cheering, a few broken gamblers without money, and a couple of drunken Texas. What else does the casino atmosphere require anymore?

Slots are very simple in their rules and operation — and this is the secret of their appeal. You don’t have to understand awkward hand combinations or probabilities to play, but with a little guidance and good luck, you can multiply your cash in the blink of an eye. The game begins with choosing a bet. You select the amount of money you want and pull the one-handed handle or alternatively press the Start button. In most cases, the payouts come as odds according to the tables, but alternatively, higher stakes may open up new paylines or jackpots. This way, higher stakes allow for higher payouts with higher risk — often really big jackpots are only available to players with maximum stakes. In between games, you don’t have to rethink your strategy, as no strategy is needed.

The best slot machine sites

Online slot machines are just a few clicks away, as most online casinos offer directly in your browser, so you don’t have to download any software to your own computer. Still, in appearance, atmosphere, and sound effects, these Internet games are almost identical to their Vegas brothers and sisters – and the atmosphere at home can get quite wild when a couple of tons of one-handeds pop into an account. So you can get the atmosphere on the ceiling even from the couch.

Tuokaa pajatso takaisin! En pidä näistä nykyisistä hedelmäpeleistä. Ennen kaikki oli paremmin.

There are usually one, five or nine paylines, but there are also three payline games available in both online casinos and real-world Vegas counterparts. You can easily find the payout table either at the edge of the game screen or by pressing the ”View Payout”, ”View Paytable” or ”Paytable” button. Here you can check the odds of getting your money’s worth if the symbols happen to hit. Slots can also be divided into different categories according to the number of reels. RAY’s 3-reel game versions are probably the best known in Finland, but 5- and 9-reel online slot games are also included in the offer of almost every casino.

So what makes online slot games more popular than real arcade counterparts? Multiple players would certainly respond to this with ease, ease and recovery percentages. Namely, online slot machines usually offer a return of over 95%, with the best percentages rising to over 97%. Compared to the approximately 90% refunds at casinos and arcades, your chances look pretty good. So you get value for your money, even if you sit on your home couch or in an uncomfortable computer chair in the office.

When it comes to the best slot games, players usually have the same names on their lips: Mega Moolah, Pacific Attack, Relic Raiders, Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, and perhaps the Mega Joker. Bigger pots and excitement are also offered by lesser known game variations that you can easily find at any online casino.

The fact that slot machines are based purely on luck, luck and money has made Finns fall in love with this, perhaps the most legendary, and very spectacular, form of gambling. And no wonder, with high return rates, the game can continue for a long time and getting rich is possible. Are you perhaps the next loser to grab a million pot in front of the noses of others?

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