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That's where it all started

As I promised earlier, I will tell you how our hult and the description of a person with a substance abuse problem turned into a person who could later buy a house worth 500,000 euros in cash, travel in first class, offer a round the bar and live like the last day. One would think that my starting hand would have been 2 & 7 different countries, the worst starting hand in poker. However, I actually held two aces in my hand, because I was in the right place at the right time and then, for my own fault, I laid everything. As I have heard many times as a child, the whole body suffers from not getting anything learned.

We lived in the wild 80s and it was a cold and snowy October morning in the maternity ward of a small town central hospital. A 30-year-old woman was giving birth. When the birth was over, the mother looked at the baby who had just been born and shouted in disappointment – Oh again, son, sorry … The mother moved in to enjoy the rye bread and coffee brought to her. Little did he care that there was no first aid because something was stuck in the baby’s trachea. The midwife hurried to push the funnel into the newborn’s mouth to clear the blockage, and the disappointed woman was concentrating on eating. This is how my mother has described to me the happy day I was born.

Despite or perhaps because of the tragic beginning of my life, as a twentieth-day tour of the pages of the hymnbook, I experienced that this increased income support for those in care may not quite meet all my needs. I went to work for a demolition man. The money came, but after a day of work, time went to sleep because the work was really physically demanding. At the construction site, the others did not last long, and now probably many are already dead or on their way to the grave. Asbestos is the best. The masks got so hot and bad to breathe that we inhaled asbestos naturally. The employer also saved on the guards.

Asbestos dust in my lungs permanently during the online poker boom I started wounding myself as a poker professional. However, I focused on losing tactics instead of winning tactics, and my strengths didn’t include math skills anyway. I hunted for free poker money online and played freerolls. At some point, I was struck by the idea that these sites that list free poker money would somehow benefit from it themselves. A great way to get yourself more ”free poker money”. That’s when I opened my first site for free, listing free poker money and free promotional bonuses for various online casinos.

At this time I was living with my then girlfriend and future ex-wife in a small studio in the middle of nowhere. I probably get something between € 10-50 a month on this site that was free. This free service used a WYSIWYG editor (an abbreviation used to refer to software where the content looks very similar to the end result when edited), meaning that using this free service did not require any technical skills that I didn’t even have at the time.

My first site is a real topic of pride and a highlight of my career. I will not mention the name of the site here because of the amount of shame, but is it said that the name of the site is KikkeliPokeri.com. My girlfriend on Mensa’s board made me set up a site claiming he was playing poker on a site like this. The intention was that I would go google poker and have to look at the bodies of other men. The scam worked, but childishly Kostin by creating that site. However, I didn’t post shots there despite my girlfriend’s numerous requests, and this became my first affiliate site.

I was tinkering with this free website service until I became interested in Search Engine Optimization and found that the features of the free service were not good for search engine optimization and then I opened the first real website that was completely HTML based, so I had time to upgrade and learn how to make changes.

So I wasn’t technically strong with creating websites and so was the content. I was a troublemaker to my class and my entire school. The class meeting was also held without my input. Too bad I have changed over the years as much as crispbread. I spent my school year in a special class and my native language syllabus was considered completed as long as I read An Unknown Soldier. With this basic training, the quality of content production was as if it had been written by Teletapit. The teacher in the special class was also an alcoholic uke, who mainly focused on dreaming about retirement days instead of teaching.

However, by doing so, you will learn and over the years, my sites became the most popular in Finland and the earnings were in line with it. While in the light of my hustle and bustle, my IQ may seem rather low at times, the smell of smell was the rise and, above all, the decline of online poker. As others focused on online poker, I sensed that soon people would get bored. I literally put all my energy into the hustle and bustle of the casino side. I sat at the computer in the lysma for so long that my stomach became a dent. In horror, my girlfriend dragged me with my bore to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with muscle contraction.

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