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In this blog, I’ll tell you how I, an addictive juvenile offender, became a casino millionaire in a few years and how all the worldly possessions I earned then eventually disappeared just as quickly as they did. The tubes changed to five-star hotels, the police rides to first-class plane tickets, I changed the pulse of my family and circle of friends, the type that paid for the drinks, not even for the party but for the whole bar. I bought a detached house for 500,000 euros in cash, although a few years earlier I rolled cigarettes from the pages of the hymnbook.

Now all the luxuries are gone with only tragic memories in the footsteps, I write about the epic tax arrears on my neck from the kitchen of my ex-wife, my current girlfriend. Even his wife left, but as a cunning fox I still got him cheated back. He doesn’t have such a money base, even though he looks more like a fortune teller than a bun-scented home spirit.

If you want to hear how all this happened, there is a promise you may or may not have. There is no longer even a reserve for therapy and somewhere this chain of events needs to be dismantled. At the same time, you can learn something, but at least enjoy yourself. I have a lesson to learn about the casino industry as I know it better than my foreclosure register. 15 years in the casino industry — two years in foreclosure, undisputed isn’t it? I am cooked in all the broths of the casino world, even in sauces. I have worked in many activities and roles in the industry, the only role I have not yet been able to work in is a naked, painted bronze man handing out Betsson flyers, but maybe that is still quite a realistic goal. Even when it comes to fashion, I would also fit in with the spirit of the times.

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