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The hick travels to the big church

Right at the beginning of my career, I knew little about business travel. My girlfriend and I were so intoxicated that we traveled to a municipal rental apartment — the nearest Siwa. If we threw ourselves really wild, we circled my mother’s Renault Clio, the size of a big washing machine, to the nearest town, which wasn’t even a real metropolis either.

When my income started to be around € 10,000 / month, my foreign business owner invited me to Helsinki for five. He was on his way to Sweden to swing and would soon visit Finland as well. So a business meeting was ahead and I wasn’t prepared for it. When I was younger, I really had never thought of acting in any way in an international career, or any career at all. In my hometowns, career development is not in the class of a missile, but mainly resembles a landmine – here one is born and dies without doing anything very significant in between. One might be afraid that one of the boys in my own village would read this, but there is no fear of it — they are not yet on the interwebs.

You probably had to get dressed for this business trip. Civilization hadn’t reached me yet, so I thought my pendant was a great choice. Even though I had gained an extra length of about ten cents and a pound of twenty, I felt quite grumpy on the suit. A suit is a suit, even if the eggs are squeezed.

The eggs in blue I started in a caravan I received as a charity and left for Helsinki. The most stressful part of the trip was where I got to park the car. It’s one of my neuroses. Car parking. What if no place is found or everything is exported? Where does that person end up? To hell? Well, the parking lot was conveniently located in front of the gate cone.

At this point, I keyed the eggs in black to the high business tower. It made me nervous, so I thought I’d put it on. I dug out the muted scarecrows from my pocket and at the same time looked around me — custom suits, shiny shoes and cigars. Maybe I’m not going to start licking the paper here. I called to the nearest Ärra to buy a case of Marlboros. I felt like I was just the right businessman with the right tobacco on my face.

The meeting went excellently. I looked just as good as I was, but my work was convincing. At that point, it was as if the baby had gone. I was no longer one of those boys in this village.

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