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Hick leaves for the first business trip abroad, part 1

The day came when the make-up tambourine had to go on a first business trip abroad. I was a strong ”white trash” and so far, just leaving the province was a luxury. My English had developed and now I was at the same level with the rally drivers. I informed Valtter that the world was calling us and I booked air tickets to London.

I looked forward to the journey as the genes of the world conquerors flowed in my blood. My father was still a full-time woman plumber while traveling. The world could be full of my siblings. I thought I might meet weak people. My father’s excitement was such that he also spent his honeymoon abroad, even though my pregnant mother couldn’t get along. According to my father, the honeymoon went hugely well! On the trip, she had met a waitress who had kept her company and no romance was missing. After all, he was now on his honeymoon. Personally, I did not follow in my father’s footsteps here, but once I learned from a bad example and took my wife on our honeymoon. However, for some reason, my wife didn’t praise me, even though I think I deserved at least a medal.

Well, a couple of days before the trip, I started to get stressed. However, I was relieved to know that Valtteri had once visited Sweden. So Walter was an experienced world traveler. I thought about hitting my business partner and dug a blade of fire from my Nokia pocket and called Valtter, who answered his phone from the Viru Hotel. Had reportedly left the night before in his hometown for one and woke up the next morning from another country without pants and all the cash taken away. No worries, though, as he flies to Helsinki and then we travel from there together to London, as long as I first tip him a couple of tons.

The next day arrived and the beak of the brand new bemarini pointed towards the airport. My phone rang and my long-haired friend was on the line: ”Hey, sorry, but I somehow ended up in Copenhagen.” I asked, what the hell are you doing in Sweden? ”Well, ’Cope’ is in Denmark, but I’m flying from here to London, see you there.” I wanted to strangle Valtter, but as a similar torso player, I understood the shortcomings of life control and found Jesus-like forgiveness.

I arrived at the airport well in advance, like many other first-timers. During the security check, my hemp-like appearance piqued my interest and I was surprised by a ”random check”. My belongings were searched, I was wiped and searched, but my ass was left alone. Thanks for that. After the inspection, I headed for a beer serving, like a drug dog with a load of cocaine. After 3.5 hours of brewing beer, I was swaying ready to load the machine.

In the next section, I’ll talk about how a person can embarrass themselves and in many ways in just one trip. You can take a man out of hillbilly area, but not hillbilly out of a man.

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